'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Faves of The Final 3
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Faves of The Final 3
The boredom is getting to the houseguests as much as it's getting on our nerves.  The four-hour HoH competition (read the spoilers here) was too much for them to take, so it's practically a day of rest right after.  With only three of them left, what else is there to do but keep talking to avoid a major brain-snap?

Kevin, Natalie and Jordan (I still can't get over whyyy they're the final 3) decide to discuss their favorite Big Brother moments.  That is, other than staying this far in the game.

For Natalie it was getting engaged through Pandora's Box and that phone call from home she won.  If she loves her family and boyfriend so much, why didn't she just leave already?  It would certainly lessen the hate the fans have for this season.

Jordan's is winning HoH and a Veto competition.  Well, Jeff threw HoH to her so her only real accomplishment is the latter, which is certainly more than what Natalie achieved.  The Whiny One may have gotten an HoH, but it was a guessing game which hardly required any skills unless you're clairvoyant.

Kevin asks Jordan if kissing Jeff was included in her list of favorites.  She doesn't exactly answer straight out, but relays the story of their first lip-lock.  It was that time Ronnie was pleading his case, preventing Jeff from putting the moves on Jordan.

The three also reminisce about their first day in the house.  Jordan remembers how everyone was so dressed up and waiting eagerly to go on air.  She can't help but recall the butterflies flying around in her tummy at the time.

As for Kevin, his favorite moment has been the surprise of the Pandora's Box and other bizarre Big Brother gimmicks.  "Come on, money falling from the sky?" he jokes.

Another great memory of his was winning the Veto when it was needed most.  He had already poured his heart out in the Diary Room, thinking he was going home.  But fate saved the guy and he stuck around.

They then talk about the other hamsters, going on about who they hated and genuinely liked.  Kevin says his faves are Casey, Chima and Lydia while he certainly despised Braden, Jessie and the game-part of Ronnie.  Natalie instantly loathed Laura and Michele, and obviously they didn't like her too.

Silence takes over the HGs at last, and Natalie begins talking about planning her wedding.  Okay, let's end this after Kevin's comment: "I don't think anyone really cares."  Makes you want to root for him more, doesn't it?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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