'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Buzz, Buzz, Buzzed
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Buzz, Buzz, Buzzed
Alcohol isn't making a better person out of Natalie, as though anything will.  She's already shown her true colors in the Big Brother house, but things got worse with every bottle she's downed.  Last night, she just got tipsy and acted like insert-whatever-insult-you-want-here.  What's worse is, she's only acting drunk and making that an excuse to be mean to the other HGs.  Argh, they should've gotten this Gnat out when they had the chance.

She annoyed the pants out of everyone in the house as they all wondered how an 18-year-old can get away with drinking like that.  Why can't they just figure out that she's lying about her age?

The fake tipsiness continues, and Natalie just throws out insults the same way someone with a cold throws tissue paper to the trash.  If only we could throw her there too.  Anyway, she infuriates the rest of the HGs, even Kevin who's supposedly in her alliance.  I can't call him her friend since it's really difficult for me to imagine Natalie being anyone's buddy.

The self-proclaimed Poker champ then retrieves the house's pack of cards, and invites the others to play Bullshit with her.  Haven't they been doing that already?  So the others half-heartedly agree to a game, even though they can't stand Natalie any longer.

"Let's do something fun, like play bullshit, because you're all a bunch of bullshitters!" she says.  And no, she really wasn't kidding.

While alone with Kevin, Natalie admits to being quote-unquote-drunk.  "What should I say, 'cause I can call anything out 'cause I'm "drunk" right now!"  She was obviously just acting out a little too much, despite being a bit buzzed.

The game changes and the guys start playing 31, and Natalie was still worthy of a slap in the face.  She goes over-the-top and even tries to cheat.  "There are special rules for me!" she declared.  Michele cuts her off and told her straight, "There are no special rules for you."

"Why do you keep giving me dirty looks?" Natalie asks the hamsters.  You can see on their faces how they'd answer the question with something like "because you deserve it."  No one really calls her out, since they all think she's 18 and just having some fun.  Still, even that shouldn't be an excuse.

Natalie then turns to Kevin and warns him, "Don't mad-dog me!"  A little while later, after more alcohol-related problems ensue, Jeff, ever the peacemaker, just says, "Don't make trouble when there's no trouble."

Finally, it is Jordan who proclaims the fate of the faking Natalie, who appeared to be passing out at last.  "She's gone; she's out," Jordo declares.  Everyone celebrates, but it only means Natalie's back in her sober state and I don't know which is worse.

Plotting with Kevin again, she wanted to trade Jeff safety in the house for his Hawaiian trip.  If he agrees, she gets to go have a vacation and would still vote him out.  Naaasty.  It'd be admirable if she actually succeeds in what she plans to do, but it's really far into the season and we have seen nothing from this girl.  All she does is talk; no follow-through at all.

So anyway, here's probably one of the best conversations in the house so far:

Natalie: I might get a trip to Hawaii. What can I get from you?
Kevin: How about a punch in the face.

He might be kidding, but you can tell deep down Kevin means it.  I seriously wish that threat isn't an empty one.  If it is then he'd be pulling a Natalie.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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