'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Truth About Jessie and the Lie to Jeff
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Truth About Jessie and the Lie to Jeff
Saint Abominable Hulk is still very much alive in the house, even after some girls already held a pseudo-wake for him.  Meanwhile, there's another thing that just won't die in this season of Big Brother, and that's all the lies being scattered like confetti on a parade.

Let's tackle the first one.  With Jessie having left, there were plenty of secrets revealed about the guy.  Personally, I have no interest in hearing about his liaisons with Lydia, but there isn't a lot happening on the feeds with the diva houseguest gone.  Oh well.

Moving on, Natalie pulls a Curious George and gets her new BFF Lydia to divulge how far she went with Jessie.  Kevin joins in and they all start their little kiss-and-tell session.  They end up ribbing the Tattooed Lady for details, but I'm going to spare you the horror.

Kevin exclaims that Jessie's personality really sucks, and Natalie admits how she isn't attracted to him.  She's not into big guys, but it sounds like she's into big egos.  Birds of a feather, then.

Natalie keeps pressing Lydia for more answers, telling her it's because she has to redeem herself.  She proclaims that the Abominable Hulk is NOT cute, thankyouverymuch.  However, the two ladies claim that he's a nice guy.  I must be in an alternate universe.

In the end, they claim they're not bashing or badmouthing Jessie at all.  They're just comparing notes about him.  What's funnier than this is that Russell is laughing his head off, eavesdropping in the next room.

I'm pretty sure none of you want to hear more about that, so let's move on to an actual nice guy - Jeff.  Unfortunately for him, it's his type that gets taken advantage of.  But we're hoping he's smart enough to know and avoid that.

Anyway, the Other Side (Natalie, Kevin and Lydia) has planned on lying to Jeff so that he'd decide on backdooring the Shotgun.  Kevin already spun the tale and told this former Wizard that Lydia told him about hearing Russell and Michele discuss being on the Final Two.  The lie even involves taking Jeff out next week.

Kevin goes on to say that he swore to Lydia not to tell anyone about it, because he doesn't want to start any more drama.  He promises that he has Jeff's back, and that Natalie and Lydia are targeting Michele.  If Kevin wins HoH, he says he won't put up J and J.  The best thing for everyone would be if Russell went on the block, he claimed.

Jeff believes the lie at first and tries to talk it out with Jordan.  They contemplate keeping Natalie instead of Russell, but the decision is just too much.  Skip to the end, and the couple thinks of putting off the option until after PoV.

Jeff: Kevin wouldn't lie, would he?
Jordan: Noooo.

We sincerely hope they aren't that deluded.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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