'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: A Love Triangle Gone Too Far?
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: A Love Triangle Gone Too Far?
For the past weeks we've been treated to seeing Jessie being fought over by two ladies, the feisty Natalie and the artsy Lydia.  One's a whiny little lapdog who's bent on obeying the Abominable Hulk's every move, while the other's like a guard watching over the guy as he sleeps.  Kind of like the black dog Snuffles in Harry Potter, only creepier.

Anyway, there was something very peculiar that occurred between them yesterday at the live feeds and it's far from a catfight.  It's Natalie and Lydia getting along a little too much.

The day started out with the Big Brother giving the HGs this Table Topics game to get them talking.  Everyone but Russell was in the kitchen, answering your usual getting-to-know-yous like "If you could, what would you change about your appearance?" and "What would you most like to ask God?"

Since they'll most likely show that on air, let's skip it and talk about what happened later that night.  Or dawn.  Whatever.  It's hard to keep up when you're not caffeinated.  Moving on, The Love Triangle plus Kevin are talking about how Jeff and Jordan keep making out.

I suppose some demon of jealousy or madness was hovering about, since Natalie blurts out that if she had to do a girl, she'd do Lydia.  Wait, aren't these two fighting over Jessie?  Where exactly have all those endless hours of bickering gone?

Natalie goes on to say that she never really liked the Tattooed Lady, but on that day, she feels as though she does.  "As I lie here, you intrigue me," she told Lydia.  I'm not really well-versed in pick-up lines, but I think that's definitely one for the books.

Jessie, who seemed perplexed at having the attention taken from him, teased Natalie about her girl-crush.  The Tae Kwon Do champ explained that if she were ever to date a girl, she'd date Lydia because she wouldn't be a lipstick lesbian or date a butch lesbian.

"My stomach just turned a little bit," Jessie proclaimed.  Just to annoy him, Lydia and Natalie smiled and declared that they were growing on each other.  Wow.  New BFFs or something more?

As for Jessie, well, he might get Kevin in the end.  Or not.  When he asks the Abominable Hulk if he's attracted to him, he yells "No! No!"  Then again, Lydia admits that if she were a guy, she'd date Kevin.  Does that mean the love triangle in the house has taken on another shape?  With all the transformations this place has undergone, I'd suggest a blob.

 -Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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