Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations
Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations
Big Brother 10 houseguests: heed Angie's advice.  Figure it out, and stop going along with the crowd for fear of being outcast.  Also, don't let Libra and April run the game.  If the Big Brother houseguests decided to grow up and act for themselves, the show would be infinitely more entertaining. You can't blame any one individual, because the whole house has been floating along, playing the game reactively, and that's the reason why the three most interesting original houseguests on Big Brother 10 (Brian, Steven and Angie) have all been evicted.  Now that Angie has been ousted, who will be nominated next?  We've got some big time nomination spoilers below.  Since those who only watch Big Brother on CBS still don't know who the Head of Household is this week, I won't reveal it until after this spoiler warning....


April won the endurance Head of Household competition.  Which, if you're like me and dislike what you've seen of April so far, is a frustrating turn of events.  I really couldn't pick a worse person to win HoH, but that's just me.  So who did Little Miss April nominate? 

Jessie and Memphis.

Jessie, I fear that it might be your time.  Even if April's target is actually Memphis, I can't imagine that Jessie's presence in the house is going to be tolerated for another week.  Memphis, by comparison, is a nice guy who the house actually likes.  Jessie is also probably struggling a bit mentally,  seeing as he's been on the block for consecutive weeks.

So, that's my prediction: Jessie get evicted next Thursday. 

If April were smart (something I'm not all that confident of) she would target Jessie.  He's the one who has outwardly been antagonistic, especially of her good friend Libra (Remember Jessie mouthing “Buh-bye").  Maybe they are targeting Jessie, but Angie, in her interview with us yesterday, said she heard rumblings that Memphis was April's target.  We'll see her reasoning on Sunday.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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