Big Brother 10: Season Finale Recap
Big Brother 10: Season Finale Recap
Big Brother 10's finale was worth it just for the bitter jury members.  They never fail to disappoint.  Overall, the Big Brother 10 finale was satisfying.  I gave CBS crap for their unnecessary clip show that aired on Sunday, but I have to give them big ups for the production of tonight's finale.  It was fast-paced, and contained a fair amount of entertaining moments.  They even threw the live feeders a bone or two by allowing Jerry, Ollie and Michelle to get their comeuppance over some of their poor behavior they displayed over the course of the season.  In the end, Big Brother 10 concluded just as it should have, with the best player taking home the $500,000. 

A Jury Full of Bitter Betties

The jury members sat outside of the sequester house, awaiting the final juror.  Bitterness abounds.  No one is particularly happy with either Dan or Memphis.  Jerry shows up, and the sparks immediately start flying.  At one point, Renny and Jerry get into a shouting match.  Jerry gets crap for not putting Dan and Memphis up on the block to together.  Renny calls Jerry a “chauvinist pig.”  There's not a lot of love for Memphis, while Dan is regarded more sympathetically.  Even the jurors have a hard time making a case for Memphis winning the half million. 

The Royal Inquisition

The jurors questioned the final two.  It's your typical jury inquisition.  Bitterness ever present.  The questions weren't really important, it was the case that Dan and Memphis made that mattered.  Dan was the better speaker by a long shot, able to calmly and intelligently discuss his game play.  He makes it clear that nothing was personal, and even makes the point that he had to make people dislike him (Michelle and Ollie) in order to ensure that Memphis would take him to the final two.  Pretty genius point there.  Memphis, on the other hand, struggled.  The jury scoffed more than once when Memphis said that he played a straight-forward and honest game.  It never works to deny any wrong-doing.  Dan had it right – admit to under-handed play and make it seem that it was all part of the plan. 

The 4 Losers, Come on Down!

The first four evicted houseguests were brought back during the live show to inform the jury members of what actually went on inside the house.  There wasn't anything, at all really, in the way of major revelations.  Brian and Steven let the jury know that they were disappointed in Jerry, Ollie, April and Michelle's behavior.  They cited Jerry's general poor attitude, the Judas incident, and his tendency to say awful things.  Ollie was called out for his ridiculous tempter tantrum.  Michelle was scolded for her horrible words leveled at Libra regarding her mothering skills.  Finally, Michelle and April were taken to task for their jury house words regarding Keesha's physical appearance. 

A Vanquished Memphis, Keesha's Consolation 

Dan won by a unanimous 7-0 vote.  Not what I expected, but a welcome outcome nonetheless.  Dan was the deserving winner.  In America's Vote for their favorite juror, the masses chose Keesha.  As a result, the Hooters Girl won a $25,000 prize.  So ends Big Brother 10.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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