Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 6
Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 6
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Before anything else, let's recap this week's Big Brother: Renny won Head of Household (HoH), which calmed Keesha, Memphis and Dan as she immediately drew a target on April.  And although Renny's alliance wanted her to nominate Ollie in order to break up the showmance, she decided to nominate Jerry instead as payback for putting her up on the block all those weeks ago.   As for Dan, he finally decided to stop throwing the competition and eventually won the Power of Veto (PoV). In a last ditch effort to save herself, April tried convince Dan to use the veto on her by offering him some cash but Dan opted not to use the veto and still dropped the bomb that someone tried to offer him cash.

Renny as the HoH

Memphis and Keesha were both delighted with Renny's win, guaranteeing their safety this week, while Ollie, April and Jerry were more than a little nervous.  Ollie and April tried to talk about the game, but everywhere they go, Jerry followed them.  (Not to talk but just to be in the room).  In the HoH room, Dan asked Renny if he's in danger and Renny admitted that she's considering using him as a pawn to break up the alliance of Ollie, April and Jerry.  A surprised Dan pointed out that with his vote, Memphis, Keesha and Michelle can take out whomever Renny wants.  Of course, Renny didn't catch onto the logic as she posed the same scenario with Memphis as the pawn. Naturally, Memphis opposed the idea as the pawn almost always goes home.  Still at a loss at what to do, Renny mentioned the same scenario to Michelle and Keesha, who weren't happy with the idea of being put up as a pawn as well.  After four proposals, Renny still had not caught on the logic as she asked where Ollie's head is at.

Ollie and the birds

After the nominations were declared, Ollie was happy he stayed off the block, while no one else shared his sentiment.  This week, however, we learned something about Ollie other than his approach on Big Brother.  Ollie is terrified of birds.  Apparently, it's a phobia caused by the classic film by Alfred Hitchock.  He even informed the houseguests that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs.

Jerry the street fighter

After winning the PoV, Dan immediately considered using it to take down Jerry from the block and nominate Ollie instead in an attempt to put an end to the showmance.  Dan called Jerry in the storeroom and Jerry started to apologize for calling him Judas last week.  Jerry then described himself as a street fighter, which leads me to a visual of him throwing a Shoryuken uppercut.  Dan eventually thanked him for the apology.  But before making a decision, Dan first consulted Renny, who told him that he would consider Dan a traitor if he used the veto.  As a result, the nominations remained the same.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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