Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 3
Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 3
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
A lot of game talks transpired this week on Big Brother but that's not really the kind of thing you look for when you're reading the live feeds as alliances and strategy discussions on whom to put up for nominations can sometimes be a drag especially when the houseguests rant about it over and over again.  Instead, you hope to find those unexpected situations that arise when you put together a bunch of strangers in one house.

This week was not like any other week since a celebration took place to honor Renny's birthday. Unfortunately, what they got was an earthquake (which according to Jerry was a caused by a truck that ran into the Big Brother house).  On top of that, Big Brother didn't give Renny a party and didn't give the houseguests any booze as well.
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It's a good thing that Libra, Keesha and April decided to make a chocolate chip cake for Renny seeing that she's pretty bummed out about her birthday.  They put a cotton bud in the cookie cake instead of a candle and began singing “Happy Birthday.”  Unfortunately, Big Brother asked them to stop singing, making Renny's birthday celebration more dismal.

To liven up the party, Memphis put on a green leotard with a black tank top and blue shorts on top of it.  Then he ran around the backyard saying he's is a gladiator and his name is Turbo.  Ollie came out as well, wearing nothing but the leotard, which pretty much blinded everyone by the spectacle of his bulging private area.  Soon after, Jessie joined them in his leotard and green bandana and he didn't have shorts or anything over his leotard either.  Everyone watching was laughing hysterically except for Michelle, who was acting so quiet.  Angie asked Michelle what's wrong and Michelle explained that she's just “chilling” and wants some booze.  Their conversation suddenly shifted to a Friends episode where in Chandler gave up drinking and became boring since they all think that Michelle has become boring without booze.  (I believe they were referring to Fun Bobby, not Chandler).

But the fun didn't stop there as Memphis also thought of another way to entertain the houseguests. Memphis and Dan decided to play a game of dodge ball with mattresses as shields.  Renny joined the group playing ball and they all encouraged her to take a shot since it's her birthday.  Renny agreed and tried to hide a pig's foot behind the ball to throw at them.  She missed and now everyone's throwing the pig's foot around.  The foot eventually ended up in the pool and everyone laughed at how disgusting it is.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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