'Beauty and the Beast' Brings Forbidden Love to Comic-Con 2012
'Beauty and the Beast' Brings Forbidden Love to Comic-Con 2012
The fairy tale trend continues this fall as The CW takes on an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. The show centers around Catherine, a young NYPD homicide detective who witnessed her mother's death 9 years ago. Who does she think did it? A beast, of course. You can watch the intense attack here.

Giving Comic-Con goers an exclusive viewing of the first episode, does The CW have a hit on its hands? And what will the cast reveal? Keep reading to get all the inside scoop.

Who's Here?
Kristin Kreuk (Catherine)
Jay Ryan (Vincent)
Jennifer Levin (Executive Producer)
Sherri Cooper (Executive Producer)

The Beast:

Jay Ryan explains how the new take on The Beast is less lion from the original series and more of a chemical transformation. No lion mane in this one guys.

When it comes to the physical demands of the show, lots of questions were asked. For the pilot, less was more. This gives the series a lot to grow. There has already been talk of bringing in harnesses. Even the Beast look has changed a bit since the pilot. 

The actual transformation from Vincent to the Beast has been the most physical so far for Ryan. Every muscle...well almost every muscle he joked...is being used. He found that out the hard way with neck pain. Still working out the kinks there.

Detective Catherine:

When the writers want something they know how to get it. Kristin Kreuk was wooed with cupcakes we're told.

Kreuk described the differences between Catherine and Lana from Smallville. While both characters are strong the difference comes down to emotion. While Lana was free to express herself Catherine is more restricted.

Will They or Won't They?

It's obvious that Vincent and Catherine are in love. However, getting together will not be easy. There will be a lot of story and back story that gets in the way. But they will always try. The two of them are partners but for both of them, trust is hard.

As for any love triangles? It's possible but unlikely in season one. The focus right now is on Vincent.

Beauty and the Beast Compared to the Original and What to Expect:

Compared to the original series, the romance is the same. The show is true to form in spirit and in forbidden love.

Right now writers are still working on the balance between a procedural and mythology and moving the relationship forward. While the cases will always be interesting, this season will really focus on the complex character of Catherine.

The show is working on a balance of dark and light. When it comes to growing the relationship, those will likely be the lighter episodes. It will just depend on where the focus is for that episode. And the writers hope the light won't get cut.

Overall the screening of the pilot ended in applause and there was a line of questions during the panel. Look for Beauty and the Beast on the CW this October.

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(Image courtesy of the CW)