'Battlestar Galactica' TV Movie Starts Production
'Battlestar Galactica' TV Movie Starts Production
The Sci Fi Channel must have heard my cries of pain over the lengthy hiatus we're enduring as we wait for Battlestar Galactica to return in January.  First they announced that they'd be super-sizing the final 10 episodes of the series, and then they released the fantastic news that a BSG two-hour TV movie is in the works.  The movie will air sometime after the series wraps up in 2009, but it'll actually take place prior to the miniseries that kicked off the show.  The movie, which has a script by Battlestar Galactica scribe Jane Espenson, went into production in Vancouver on Monday, and is being directed by series star Edward James Olmos.

According to the Sci Fi Channel's press release, the story "focuses on familiar characters including Cylon Number One, known as Cavil (Dean Stockwell), Resistance Leader Sam T. Anders (Michael Trucco) and Chief Galen Tyrol (Aaron Douglas).  In the beginning, the Cylons had a plan, but it didn't account for one thing: survivors.  During the chaotic aftermath of the destruction, two powerful Cylon agents struggle with plots and priorities on the human ships that got away, and among the resistance fighters who were left behind."

More cast members were recently announced for the film, including Tricia Helfer (Number 6), Grace Park (Boomer), Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben), Rick Worthy (Simon), and Michael Hogan (Tigh).  Edward James Olmos will also make an appearance in addition to directing.  Judging by the cast, it's obvious this movie will be a regular Cylon-palooza.  Will we learn more about the Cylon pasts of characters like Chief Tyrol and Sam Anders?  I hope we unravel some of those mysteries before the end of the series, but I'm sure there will be plenty of story left to tell beyond the 10 remaining episodes.

Much like with the Razor TV movie, this Battlestar Galactica adventure will also be released on DVD shortly after airing on the Sci Fi Channel.  Let's hope this is just the first of many BSG movies to come.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of the Sci Fi Channel)