Battlestar Galactica Recap - A Day in the Life
Battlestar Galactica Recap - A Day in the Life
 Straight up, I was a little disappointed with Battlestar Galactica ‘A Day in the Life’.   As far as the complexity of plot goes, it is in league with what we expect from Battlestar Galactica, there is an introspective thread with Adama celebrating his wedding anniversary within his head with a wife who comments on the his real-time happenings, there is the Baltar situation, there is Lee faced with another change, a perfunctory Starbuck appearance, and a battle against time involving some of the minor players. The problem with this, is it is exactly what we expect from Battlestar Galactica when it is between major story arcs, which at this point it is not. None-the-less, this Battlestar Galactica did come packed with a few compelling surprises.


Adama communing with his dead wife was well done in comparison to Six and Baltar’s subconscious forays.   With Adama’s flashbacks, we got to see the image of his wife change as he pondered, and at one point via Lee, learned the truth about his relationship.   Having her comment on his day to day stuff just sort of served to remind us she was not far from his mind. One thing we don’t see Adama as is someone who needs autonomous brain ghosts to help him make up his mind.
The progression on the Baltar scene was negligible. In fact, the mention of it really just seemed like a reason for President Roslin to drop in on Adama. Okay, so in reality that is what it was. They recall the night together on New Caprica when Roslin told Adama, invitingly, about her plans to build a little cabin next to a stream. Romance is definitely blooming here, but quite tenuously. 
The one factor that was brought up and is of extreme importance to the plot is that there is no Justice system in the fleet. Okay, I found this a little hard to believe since they have had democratic elections and the whole bit. It seems like somebody would have brought it up at some point, education and law enforcement are the cornerstones of a democratic society (and taxes!) It would have been more believable if they had been debating the inadequacy of their ‘quaint’ legal system to handle a trial of such magnitude. But no, they have to take a notch out of Galactica’s credibility and say they don’ have one at all. Guess everybody is just really well behaved in that fleet.
The action and adventure segment is a little derivative. Chief and Callie are stuck in an airlock with a slow leak.   Eventually they have to jump through the vacuum into the trunk of a raptor.   Yeah they survive. Sadly, the preview for next week shows them hollering at each other so clearly they recover well.
The final thing to come out of the episode was Lee’s transition to the legal system. Roslin is hot to have Lee head it, and when the episode closed it seemed like he was really considering it. This would make either Helo or Starbuck CAG, but an interesting turn for Lee for sure.
So not a bad episode but with the revelations of Eye of Jupiter still on our minds, it is hard to have two episodes in a row where the major story is barely mentioned.