5 Shocking Moments From 'Bates Motel': Who Killed Norman's Father?
5 Shocking Moments From 'Bates Motel': Who Killed Norman's Father?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Since its premiere, every episode of Bates Motel has managed to expose some new mentally unstable or unsavory character. If it isn't a character shocking the audience, it is some mysterious discovery, violent act or shocking secret. Last night's episode, "The Truth," had Norma, Dylan, Norman and Deputy Shelby letting their freak flags fly high. In addition to seeing who could behave the craziest, nobody had much luck in keeping their deepest and darkest secrets hidden safely away. Here are a few of last night's biggest revelations and how they are bound to affect the direction of the show.

5) Dylan gets away with murder. After breaking the news to his boss about Ethan's death, Dylan confesses to running over Ethan's killer. Not only is the man, Gil (Vincent Gale), impressed with Dylan's initiative, he gives him detailed instructions on how to cover his tracks. Dylan's growing involvement with the seedier residents of the town is bound to mean trouble not only for him but for him mother and Norman as well. 

4) Dylan and Norman find Keith Summers belt. Knowing that Shelby will turn in Norma if they reveal his activities to the authorities, and that Norman will never be free of their mother as long as Shelby has the belt, Dylan becomes determined to find the incriminating piece of evidence. He and Norman return to Keith Summer's boat  where they find the belt and throw it into the water. 

3) Deputy Shelby finds out that Norma is harboring his sex slave. 
For someone who lies as often as Norma, it never fails to surprise me how bad she is at it. When he discovers the poor girl in one of the motel rooms, she takes off into the woods behind the motel. Shelby attempts to shoot her, but Norma causes him to miss the shot. Shelby takes off after her but returns empty-handed which means she is still most likely in the vicinity. Her presence may not strictly implicate Shelby and Summers. Also, if she's found it is possible that Norma, Norman and Emma's involvement could be discovered.

2) Dylan selflessly comes to the aid of his mother and brother. Shelby takes the three hostage and starts brandishing his gun at Norman and screaming at Norma. Even though both Norma and Dylan promise to keep quiet about the girl, Shelby begins to beat Norma which causes Norman to attack him. During their struggle, Shelby drops his gun which Dylan retrieves and a shoot out ensues. Dylan appears victorious, but even though it appears Shelby is dead, we won't know for certain until next week.

This latest event is not going to help Norma's relationship very strained relationship with the sheriff. Without the Chinese girl, they have no witness or proof that Shelby was into some seriously disturbing. Norma just got off the hook for the murder of Keith Summers. If Shelby survives, he is bound to implicate not only Dylan, but Norman and Norma since they know his dirty little secret. Either way, Norma has lost her very useful connection within the police department.

1) Norman killed his father. At least, according to Norma who confided in, of all people, her eldest son Dylan. Her confession came on the heels of Dylan telling Norman that he thought Norma had killed his younger brother's dad. Norman has no memory of the incident; he genuinely believes his father's death was an accident. It looks like Dylan and his mother are going to put aside their differences and work together to protect Norman and keep his  past under wraps. Norma admits that she doesn't know if that incident was a one-time fluke. Norma sees herself as a devoted mother protecting her son when in reality she might be nurturing a killer. One thing is certain, even if Norman is not violent in general, any threat to Norma unleashes a dark and homicidal side to the often stoic and quiet boy.

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