'Bachelor Pad' Deleted Scenes: Jake Reacts to His Elimination, Says 'Vienna Thrives on Attention'
'Bachelor Pad' Deleted Scenes: Jake Reacts to His Elimination,  Says 'Vienna Thrives on Attention'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night's Bachelor Pad had a quick moment of mistaken identity at the end and, thinking it was Lost, cut the episode short right after the  resident lightening rod Jake Pavelka (whose speedo revealed more than we wanted to know about his rod) was eliminated after his attempted coup to overthrow "power couple" Kasey and Vienna failed.

And we didn't even get to see his reaction! Presumably, that's so ABC can milk the whole house's sadness (Erica), jubilation (Vienna) and smug satisfaction (Kasey) about Jake's expulsion when Bachelor Pad returns next Monday. That's my second theory, anyway.

But today, we CAN see Jake's reaction to getting the Bachelor Pad boot, plus his final thoughts on Vienna and all the great friends he made (one or more of whom just stabbed him in the back).

PLUS: Two more gems from the deleted scene archive. First, watch two adorable couples (Michelle and Graham, and Kasey and Blake) embrace the sexiness of grape-stomping on their date, and then check out a montage of all the housemates mocking Kasey's terrible singing voice. It's like Christmas in August! If you usually get gifts that you only kind of wanted and only enjoy for two minutes for Christmas.

Diary of the Departed: Jake Speaks.
If there is one thing Jake Pavelka can do unquestionably well, it is craft a soundbite. A couple of my favorites from this post-elimination interview (watch the whole thing, there are more!): "I think it really got their attention." "You know what's funny? Everybody wants to keep in contact with me." "Vienna is someone that thrives on attention."

Just kidding. ABC has made the video "private," probably after realizing that showing us Jake's reaction sort of ruins their epic cliffhanger for the next episode. But here's the gist of what Jake says, from what I recall: He tried his best, he made some friends and showed them the "real" Jake, he got closure with Vienna who is the real "famewhore" as we can all see, and he's ready for love. There you go!

Deleted Scene:
Grape Stomping. Here's a fun little game to play in your head: What would you rather drink than wine that was made out of grapes that Kasey and Blake stomped on with their bare feet? I'd rather drink ... Bachelor Pad pool water! Ewwww, but at least it's chlorinated. OK, your turn. (Also: Would that this stomping adventure had ended like this other one.)

Bachelor Pad UNCENSORED: Kasey's Song. It's not easy being green, but it IS easy being mean about Kasey's singing! But do these impressions really count as "mean" when Kasey is actually the biggest jerk in the house, AND his singing is objectively stupid and terrible, AND most of the impressions are so off that they fail to successfully mock the "Kermit gets a cold and loses his pitch" vibe of Kasey's vocals? No, I don't think so. Which is why I don't feel bad for watching this video and laughing at Kirk's (spot-on) final number 5 times in a row.

Did you read this week's Bachelor Pad recap yet? I think that recapper is really coming into her own. A bright future ahead for that one.

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