Amanda Stanton Talks About Filming After 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal
Amanda Stanton Talks About Filming After 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal
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Before Bachelor in Paradise season four officially kicks off, Amanda Stanton is sharing what it's like to film with the cast post-scandal. Although there are certainly a lot of discussions about the elephant in the room,  the single mom of two reveals that the cast quickly moved on from the all the drama.

"We knew we had to talk about it. I mean, that's never happened before and we were filming and we all went home and left, and then we came back. We talked a little bit about what happened, and then after that, we kind of moved on and just did the normal Paradise thing, and it was a lot of fun," Stanton told Entertainment Tonight.

Though Stanton described filming as "fun," she also called it "intense" considering season four was just filmed in 11 days. "It was just a little more fast paced, so there were more dates. We did rose ceremonies every other night," she explained.

Besides the shortened production, Bachelor in Paradise also implemented new rules for its fourth season. According to Stanton, there's a two drink per hour maximum. Participants also had to ask for a producer's permission if they want to spend the night alone with another cast member. However, those changes aren't really that drastic. 

"[The new rules] were pretty standard, and for me it didn't really make a difference, because I feel like they were rules that I kind of already followed anyways," she revealed. "I think it's good to have those there just to be extra cautious. It didn't really affect things too much."

"If you guys were going to go into [a private] room, you both had to [find a producer and] say that you wanted to do it, just to be extra cautious. It's kind of weird, but it makes sense," she added. "They were like, 'If someone goes in the room without asking, we'll come in there and ask you,' so it's less awkward if you find them beforehand." 

Stanton, who first competed for Ben Higgins on The Bachelor season 20 before getting engaged to Josh Murray on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, wouldn't say how things turned out on her third attempt at reality TV dating. But she did say that she's not looking forward to getting engaged. 

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