With Team Arrow in Shambles, What's Oliver's Next Move?
With Team Arrow in Shambles, What's Oliver's Next Move?
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Divide and conquer. For slasher fans, the word harbingers death and disaster. For Arrow fans, it now calls to mind broken trust, faulty decisions and enduring loss.

Original Team Arrow managed to put Diggle (David Ramsey) back in play, but as "All for Nothing" proved, a force of three is no match for Cayden James' (Michael Emerson) criminal cabal. Neither the Newbies nor Oliver's BFFs can save Star City alone, and it's about time they realized it. Vince's untimely demise should provide the impetus for a rocky reunion, but instead, it's clearly strained peace talks to a point of no return.

Hunkered down in an old Helix base, the Newbies managed to hold their own for several episodes. If it were any other season, Curtis (Echo Kellum), Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) and Rene (Rick Gonzalez) might have stood a chance at launching their own brand of vigilante justice. Unfortunately, Cayden's vengeance knows no bounds. Even when they think they have the upper hand, OTA and NTA are miles behind their season 6 foe. Now that Dinah's grief has set her on a path for revenge, the team is down another player.

As it stands, everyone's priorities are as follows: Oliver, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle are all in against James; Dinah is taking a solo swing at Black Siren; and Curtis and Rene are split between searching for a thermobaric bomb and running point on a 24-hour mission to protect Black Canary from her own rage. Despite OTA's overtures of peace, NTA is still salty over that little surveillance snafu. Even if Curtis and Rene come back into the fold, Dinah is hellbent on setting a solitary course, even if it puts her six feet under. 

In other words, Oliver needs to rebuild his team. For that, he should look to the past.

We all know Arsenal (Colton Haynes) will return later this season, and when he does, he better come ready to fight. Roy's been out of the picture for far too long. Star City needs to wake up and remember what it's like to have two archers swinging from the rooftops. Or three for that matter.

Thea (Willa Holland) put killing behind her following Damien Darhk's defeat, opting instead to dip her toe into the world of politics. The character has grown stagnant as of late, however, promoting rumors that Holland's series departure is in the offing. But if you put a bow in her hand and call her Speedy, Thea might have a future after all.

Although not one to do another man's bidding, Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) will also pop back up before season 6 comes to a close. She'll bring ill tidings, but let's hope she'll also bring the cavalry. League of Assassins or not, Ra's' daughter still has a band of highly trained killers at her disposal. When we find out who's pulling Cayden's strings (Joe Wilson/Kane Wolfman, perhaps?), there'll undoubtedly be an all-out war for Star City.

Do you think the Newbies can get their act together, or will Oliver be forced to fall back on old friends? Sound off in the comments!

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