'Arrow' Recap: Sara's Official Homecoming Rocks Everyone
'Arrow' Recap: Sara's Official Homecoming Rocks Everyone
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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When it premiered, Arrow was a show about a male vigilante. But now, it's most assuredly a show about the team that helps him be the hero Starling City needs.

Need more evidence? Look no further than tonight's episode, which honestly, was less about Oliver and more about the four main female characters: Felicity, Sara, Laurel and Moira.

Felicity Puts Herself at Risk To Prove Her Worth

Tonight's episode saw William Tockman, AKA the Clock King, stealing a device called a "skeleton key" so he can break into banks and steal whatever he wants. He's incredibly precise in the instructions he gives to his team and because of that, his missions are usually very, very coordinated and successful.

When Felicity overhears Team Arrow comparing the scars they have from bullets, IEDs, grenades and more, she only has wisdom teeth scars to share. She tries to compete with her new competition, Sara, by working out with a punching bag later, but isn't too successful.

She feels even worse when the Clock King starts to get the best of Team Arrow. First, he almost causes an accident between a bus and a train that pulls Oliver off a mission. Then, he actually infiltrates the network in their HQ, sends surges of electricity to all the equipment and causes computers and servers to explode.

Determined to catch him, Oliver suggests making it widely known that he is suddenly flush with cash, so that the Clock King will try and steal from him. 

Felicity, after being reminded by Diggle that it's hard to see Oliver so open about his relationship with Sara in front of her, decides to put herself in harm's way by waiting at the trap for the Clock King. The rest of Team Arrow - minus Roy - shows up. Diggle is about to get her out of there when the alarm goes off and the Clock King arrives with his team.

While Oliver takes out Clock King's team, Felicity is the one to take the King out himself, saving Sara in the process, by electrocuting him with his own cell phone. "We did it," Felicity says. "You did it," Sara corrects her.

And more important--now Felicity has a scar just like the rest of the team.

Oliver decides to confront Felicity and asks if she was feeling left out. "I was used to being your girl... I mean... not your girl," she starts. Yes, it's awkward. And either Oliver is insanely oblivious or he just doesn't know how to keep letting Felicity's down gently without crushing her feelings.

Normally, I hate the will-they-won't-they, but the producers of the show have done such a good job of slowly building up what has to happen for Felicity and Oliver to potentially get together.

Sara and Her Sisters

Tonight's episode also focused on exploring the "sister" relationships Sara has with Laurel, her real sister, and her "adopted" little sister, Sin.

During Sara's official welcome home party, Laurel chooses to avoid the party and spend some alone time instead with a big glass of wine.

Laurel decides, however, that she'll have dinner with the family later. Sara's nervous to go alone, so she drags Oliver along and Laurel is not too happy to see him. When Dinah announces she's not moving back to Starling, things get even more awkward and Laurel throws a fit.

Oliver chases after her and tells her she's not the only one with family problems and it's nobody's fault but hers that she had a DUI and lost her job.

Laurel comes by the club, where Sara has now been hired by Thea as a bartender, at the end of the episode to apologize. They hug and the sisters seem to be in a good place.

Sin comes in a bit later and just in case the show thinks we were too oblivious to notice, Sin, it turns out is the daughter of a pilot that was shot down over the island in this week's flashback. He begged Sara to take care of his daughter.

Sara is now in good graces with both her sisters. Everything seems happy. But for how long when you've got a dangerous side job like Sara does?

Moira Is Friends with Slade?!

Moira doesn't get much too do in this episode, other than act hurt that Oliver won't talk to her.

But she's a big part of the final scene which would have been more shocking if The CW hadn't leaked promo images of it earlier this week.

Moira is meeting with Slade Wilson and Oliver, of course, is insanely shocked to see his friend in Starling City. We'll have to wait until next week for that fallout.

Other Odds and Ends

- If you're watching the show just for the eye candy, likely you were happy tonight, regardless of your personal preferences. In a training scene, you got Sara in a sports bra and Diggle and Oliver both shirtless.

- Officer Lance apologized to Oliver for being such a jerk to him when he came home. Can't wait to see what happens when he finally, eventually, learns that Oliver is the Arrow.

- Credibility was really strained when Black Canary and Arrow were meeting with Officer Lance and he honestly didn't realize Black Canary has the same hair as his daughter, Sara. If he thought Sara was still dead, I'd get that. But now that he knows she isn't, come on! Is a mask really that good of a costume?

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