'Arrow' Recap: Ra's al Ghul's Other Daughter Comes to Starling City
'Arrow' Recap: Ra's al Ghul's Other Daughter Comes to Starling City
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Rather than try and recreate or reimagine characters we all are familiar with thanks to the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, Arrow tonight introduced Ra's al Ghul's OTHER daughter: Nyssa. 

With little to no expectations, Nyssa's role in this world is pretty fun, but more than anything else, this episode belongs to Sara and to a limited extent, Felicity.

Sara Is Released from the League of Assassins

Last week's reunion between Sara and Laurel turned out not to be much of a reunion. Sara left soon after and Laurel wound up in the hospital. Dinah comes to visit her daughter, while Sara is working out in Oliver's secret lair. She wants to leave again now that she thinks Laurel is getting the help she needs, but Oliver desperately wants her to stay.

Oliver, however, remains concerned about Laurel. When he visited her in the hospital, he noticed there was something wrong with her eyes and asks Diggle to get her blood work.

He's also worried about Sara, so when he's keeping an eye on her while in the Arrow costume, he sees Nyssa approach her. Not to kill her, however, but to kiss her.

Yes, Sara and the "heir to the demon" as Nyssa refers to herself were an item. We learn that Nyssa found Sara when she was near death - sometime after the island or while still on the island? - and nursed her back to health. Sara tells Nyssa, "I wasn't with you because you saved me... I was with you because I loved you."

Sara begs Nyssa to get Ra's to release her from the League of Assassins, as he did Malcolm, but Nyssa refuses.

Meanwhile, Oliver and team learn there is snake venom in Laurel's blood--someone tried to poison her. Before they can figure out how to help her, Dinah is kidnapped from the hospital. Arrow and Black Canary are in hot pursuit - by the way, where the hell is Roy this episode? Isn't he part of the team? - but they're able to get away.

Nyssa demands Sara hand herself back over to the League if she wants Dinah returned. Detective Lance, Sara and Arrow try to find Dinah through another assassin, but after he's accidentally killed, Sara realizes she has no other choice.

Sara decides to confront Nyssa with only her father as back-up. Once Dinah is free and they have a quick heartfelt mother/daughter reunion, it's revealed that Sara took a dose of the snake poison rather than return to the League of Shadows with Nyssa.

Oliver, who traced Sara's location, arrives on scene and fights with Nyssa. Sara begs him not to kill her before passing out. He gives her the antidote and she's ok. Nyssa then decides that Sara is released from the League of Assassins--something that probably will not sit right with Ra's, even if Nyssa is his daughter.

Laurel enters to finally lay non-drunk eyes on her sister. She's relieved, but later, she confronts Sara at her home - with a glass of wine - and blames her for everything wrong in their family's life. In flashbacks this week, we see the night before Sara gets on that fateful boat trip with Oliver, as well as the morning after when Laurel learns of her sister's dalliance with Oliver. That betrayal six years ago now feels fresh again for Laurel.

Sara leaves after the tongue lashing from Laurel and goes to see Oliver. And in an incredibly telegraphed scene, they talk for a little before they hook up, ending the episode.

I know the creators of the show have already said Laurel and Oliver are destined for each other--but can they still actually happen after this? And seriously... how's Felicity going to take this?

Moira's Campaign Begins

This episode not only deals with the beginning of Moira's campaign to be Mayor, but also the unraveling of her relationship with Oliver.

It starts when Felicity tells Walter she noticed that Moira's shady "Tempest" financial account was accessed recently. 

When Felicity figures out what Moira is hiding, instead of going back to Walter, she confronts Moira directly and tells her she's discovered Thea is Malcolm's daughter.

Moira, the cunning and diabolical woman she is, threatens Felicity out of telling Oliver. Not with physical threats, of course. But with Felicity's love for him. "I see the way you look at him," Moira tells her. "If you tell him, it will rip him apart ... and he will hate you too."

Felicity noticeably grapples with what to do later, but ultimately decides to tell Oliver at the campaign announcement for Moira. We don't see his reaction as he's learning the truth, but we see how devastated he is afterwards.

And yet, he still decides to endorse his mother. "You don't know her like I do ... and you don't know what she's capable of..." he tells the audience with a long pause, "when it comes to helping the people of Starling City."

He whispers "I know" to her after he exits the stage, however, and confronts her at the end of the episode in private. "You lied... because that is what you do," he tells her. "And that is who you are ... and now you've made a liar out of me."

He tells her their relationships as mother and son are over, and that while he'll keep up appearances for Thea's sake, they're done. 

Which begs the questions... if Oliver is this angry, how's Thea going to react when she inevitably learns the truth?

Other Odds and Ends

- The opening scene with Nyssa beating up airport security agents using the fabric security line was so amazingly choreographed. But I couldn't help but wonder if she's worthy of setting off an A.R.G.U.S. security alert... how come no one from the agency ever came looking for her in Starling City?

- Sebastian tells Moira not to run because he's "apprehensive about destroying my friend's mother," but it's Slade that says he's going to take care of their new problem. Can't wait for Slade to stop working in the background and come to the foreground.

- Just before Felicity tells Oliver about his mother, she gives up hints about her own family. Sounds like she's estranged from her mother and her father abandoned them both. I have to imagine we'll meet them both at some point, but not until season three at the earliest.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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