'Are You There, Chelsea?' Season 1 Preview Guide: Anybody Found The Vodka?
'Are You There, Chelsea?' Season 1 Preview Guide: Anybody Found The Vodka?
If you're a fan of Chelsea Handler and have wondered how her life would look like as a sitcom... well, here it is.

Are You There, Chelsea? sounds a bit familiar because it should -- it's based on Handler's bestselling book, Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, only without the vodka part.

Are You There, Chelsea? season 1 features Laura Prepon -- you know her as Donna on That 70s Show, and more recently, as Natalie Rhodes on Castle -- as Chelsea Newman (not Handler, sorry), a twentysomething cocktail waitress who works at a sports bar, a self-described "advanced drinker" whose no-holds-barred outlook gets her to, well, places.

Don't worry -- Chelsea Handler's also on the show herself, as Sloane: Chelsea's sister, a new mom, and the conservative type. Hmm. Can the real Chelsea subvert things? Guess so -- she's also the executive producer, not to mention the inspiration for the whole thing, so if you've read her book, you'll have a good idea what you'll see in upcoming episodes.

Also on Are You There, Chelsea? season 1 are Jake McDorman as Rick, the bartender Chelsea works with; Ali Wong as Olivia, her fellow cocktail waitress-slash-roommate; Lauren Lapkus as Dee Dee, their other roommate who's the complete opposite of Chelsea; and the Lenny Clarke as the Newman patriatch, Melvin.

Among the guest stars lined up on the show is Wilmer Valderrama, who plays one of Chelsea's one-night stands. Yep, that is a That 70s Show remake in the offing.

Are You There, Chelsea? season 1 premieres on January 11, and airs Wednesdays at 8:3opm on NBC. Meanwhile, here's a video to get you going:

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