'Top Model' Interview with Kasia: I Hoped They'd Give Me a Second Shot
'Top Model' Interview with Kasia: I Hoped They'd Give Me a Second Shot
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As the only "fiercely real" (read: plus-size) model in the competition this cycle, it would be easy for us to put Kasia in a box as one specific "type" of model -- and often that's what Tyra did, despite her loud and proud efforts to the contrary. But Kasia's skills went beyond simply representing the curvier girls, and throughout her time on Top Model she produced some truly gorgeous shots, as well as revealed other talents. Her acting and walking skills, from years of experience working as a professional model in New York, also earned her praise.

Unfortunately for Kasia, the composure that made her arguably the most professional of the final five models (both in her experience and her demeanor) may have contributed to sending her home. After a week in Morocco, she ended up in the bottom two against Alexandria, who'd been told multiple times to adjust her attitude. As seems to happen so often on reality TV, the dramatic contestant survived while the calm, composed girl was sent home. But that doesn't mean Kasia didn't learn a lot from her time on Top Model, and she's more poised than ever to take on the fashion world.

I spoke to Kasia after her elimination. Here's what she said:

Hi Kasia, congratulations on making it so far on America's Next Top Model!

Hi, thank you so much!

We know you had quite a bit more experience going into the competition than the other girls. How did you decide to try out?

They actually approached me and asked me to try out.

Oh, I didn't know they did that.

Yeah! They called me in, and I went to the New York audition, and then had a callback the next day. Then I went to LA a few weeks later, and I was on the show! The process was actually really easy and fast. I'm so glad I did it. It was so amazing to work with all these incredibly talented top people in the industry.

Were you surprised by your elimination?

It was pretty obvious on my face, yes I was surprised. I thought it would be Alexandria. She had so many chances to prove herself, and this was my first time in the bottom two. Tyra said "You can do better, we know you can be better than this," so I was like, "OK, they're going to give me that second shot to show them what I can do, and next week I'm going to bring it!" But that's not what happened.

On this week's episode you had sort of a tough time, starting at the runway challenge in Marrakech where they didn't have your size. What happened?

It was weird, and I was surprised. At every other go-see they had my size, they know my exact measurements throughout the entire show, and then all of a sudden I get to this one and nothing in the store fits me. It was a little odd.

Do you think the producers did that on purpose?

Who knows? You never know. I was just proud that once we finally found something, I was able to keep it together and do my best walk for Andre Leon Talley. It's easy to let things get to you on the show and sometimes you want to breakdown, but I kept it professional. That's really important to me.

Let's play a word association game, where I say a name and you say an adjective.

Uh oh. [Laughs] OK.


... Haircut? [Laughs]






... Ugh. Can that be my word?

[Laughs] Sure. I think that pretty much says it all. Tyra.


Andre Leon Talley.

Loooooove. Can I ask what the other girls said about me when you played this game?

This is actually the first time I've played it, but when I spoke to Jaclyn a couple weeks ago, she raved about you.

Oh! I love Jaclyn. She's so sweet. I feel like she brings this young and innocent ... not that she isn't a woman, because she became a woman on the show, but she's just such a good and kind and beautiful girl. I think she's the sweetest thing ever. We talked recently and she's hopefully going to come visit me in New York. I have this idea now for the two of us to have our own show in New York, just about working and living in the city.

I would totally watch that! Who do you think should win?

Miss J.

That's very diplomatic of you.

[Laughs] Well thank you. But also he deserves it. I've started a campaign for Miss J to win. It's about time!

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