Reality Check: Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?
This week in reality tv, a villain went home and a pair of posers lost a quarter of a million dollars.  Both are fine by me.  It's becoming increasingly hard to root for unlikeable people on these shows, even if they play a good game strategically or physically.  I start to feel like I'm the child of parents who about to divorce but decide to throw in a few more fights before calling it quits.  Bianca was eliminated on Top Model and Sam and Nicole lost on Beauty and The Geek.  It's sad when the best part of that finale was meeting Joshua's mother.  Bianca was the victim of karma after trying to sabotage Jenah in a challenge, as were Shana and Jennifer on The Amazing Race who U-Turned Lorena and Jason the week before.  We said goodbye to Erik on Survivor: China but hey, at least he's been reunited with his Survivor love, Jaime.  Here's the dirty on what went down in reality this week.

The Amazing Race: What's With Verbally Abusive Couples?

Why does The Amazing Race love couples who just can't communicate with one another?  They may think that it makes for good tv and perhaps it did in the first few seasons ... but we're twelve seasons in now.  I've heard enough "Shut ups" and "I hate yous" to last me a lifetime.  There is not ONE thing I like about Jen and Nathan this season, nor do I want to spend another Sunday night listening to them.  Last week, he called her a bitch and this week, she tells him she hates him.  Clearly, the race doesn't bring people like them closer.  Here's hoping they get left behind in Lithuania this Sunday.

Beauty And The Geek: The Real Team Wins

Thank GOD Dave and Jasmine won Beauty and The Geek.  I absolutely hated this season and I'm a fan of the show.  I couldn't stay that Shay and Joshua picked the teams in the beginning and I almost threw my tv out the window when Natalie and John were eliminated.  The worst part of the season for me was Sam and Nicole.  Never for a moment did I believe that they were for real, especially Sam.  He is an ACTOR and, according to IMDB, has appeared on shows like Desperate Housewives and Veronica Mars.  Give me a break, CW.  I wasn't even a fan of Dave and Jasmine in the beginning but both grew on me and I'm actually big fans of the two.  At least, I felt there was justice in the end and walked away feeling (semi) satisfied.

America's Next Top Model: Goodbye, Bad Girl

Boy, were the BuddyTV readers glad to see Bianca go this week on America's Next Top Model.  For weeks, some anonymous poster had been writing on the site that Bianca won, trying to spoil the season for the rest of us.  Every Wednesday, I prayed that it wasn't true and finally, my prayers were answered this week when Bianca was eliminated.  She has been rude to the other contestants and ungrateful for the experiences and opportunities she was given by being on the show.  Karma's a bitch, Bianca, and you probably would've made it further if you dropped the attitude.  Pay attention, Jenah, karma's coming for you next.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)