#5 America's Next Top Model - Natasha Galinka's Top Five Moments
#5 America's Next Top Model - Natasha Galinka's Top Five Moments
5. Huh?

Sometimes, she was confused. Sometimes, she confused us.

At the beginning of the show, Natasha’s first photos were lackluster, and reflected the difficulty she had in understanding Jay Manuel’s direction and the themes of the shoots. Not her fault, really. While she speaks English well, it’s understandable that she might not have learned every idiom under the sun, like “Teacher’s Pet.”

And, obviously, if you are listening to everyone in a second language, maybe sometimes it takes a little bit longer to, you know, process things. Like when Tyra Banks hopped in wearing a kangaroo suit and told the girls they were going to Australia. It only took Natasha like two to three minutes to understand why everyone was celebrating and let loose with a high-pitched squeal.

Other times, we were the ones left scratching our heads, like when she decided to whisper her personal story to the aboriginal tribe because "When you speak quiet, everybody's like, 'Huh...?'"


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(Image courtesy of CW)