'Model Mishap' Caption Contest #6: A Hairy Situation
'Model Mishap' Caption Contest #6: A Hairy Situation
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Did you ever end up seeing The September Issue, the documentary about the inner-working of Vogue as they prepped their yearly style bible?

If not, I highly recommend taking the DVD out for a spin. Because (besides providing a fascinating look at how scary it is to even look Anna Wintour in the eyes) the film also features some choice moments starring our captionee of the week,  the Head Gay Wizard of Couture himself, Mr. Andre Leon Talley. At one point, he attempts (poorly) to play tennis while wearing what I can only assume is a special-edition Louis Vuitton fleece snuggie.

That's just to give you a taste for the inner machinations of the man whose brain I asked you all to jump inside this week. That is what we're working with here, and that is why he is now Tyra's go-to guy for judging panel crazy talk. You all did a fantastic job captioning his caped, raccoon-headed essence. But there can be only one winner, and HE is crowned as our Head Talley-head below.

This Week: Tyra dressed the remaining models in outfits made completely of hair. (Whose hair? No one would say. My theory: All of Tyra's past weaves and wigs.) But while Tyra was "going green" with her hair recycling project, many of the models were going "gag me." And it's your job this week to caption one of these hair-brained, hair-raising hairwads. Good luck!


"Saturday Nightmare Fever."
- GimmeRaina

So much to love about this caption: Simple. Smart. Merciless. Reminds us of John Travolta in tight pants. (Oh no, here come more nightmares!) Way to go, GimmeRaina!


100040129_df155259-3c95-426e-9aee-af54301519e6-angelea.jpgHow many ways can YOU find to combine the idea of a full-body hair suit with horror?

I anxiously await the answer. (I hope it's a million.) You know what to do! Next Friday, next winner.