'Model Mishap' Caption Contest: Suck on This, 'Twilight' Lovers
'Model Mishap' Caption Contest: Suck on This, 'Twilight' Lovers
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's been another magical week of captioning the worst photo from America's Next Top Model. Ren's disco-(un)inspired photo inspired many classic dance-disses, but in the end, a totally original take on her frigid pose won our prize for the best caption of the week. See the winner below!

This week: whoo boy, it's a doozy. Tyra put the models in a tub full of blood (fake blood ... we think?) to become bloodsucking buddies with a sexy vampire. The result? This is one bath date that makes us wish for a hot shower. *Shudder.*

Last week's 'Model Mishap' winner, and this week's contest:


57325winner.jpg"Rhett Dakota taxidermy salon. Full service alternative mortuary solutions."

Congratulations, Murphy! Now get back to work.


6prr4h.jpgWhat is she thinking? What is he thinking? What are you thinking, besides, "Ewwwwww"?

I vant ... to see ... your captions!

Next winner: next Friday.

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