Karolina Kurkova Talks Teaching Healthy Eating on Tonight's 'Top Model'
Karolina Kurkova Talks Teaching Healthy Eating on Tonight's 'Top Model'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight on America's Next Top Model, Karolina Kurkova isn't just the guest judge--she's also the girls' guest mentor.

Kurkova certainly has the resume to back up any advice she might bestow on the Top Model girls. The 26-year-old Czech native is a bona fide super model, and has worked with just about every major fashion name out there: Victoria's Secret, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Versace, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, and the list goes on.

Beyond judging their wrestling-inspired photos tonight, Kurkova makes it her personal mission to get Tyra's apprentices to eat better. Kurkova discussed her Top Model appearance in a media conference call yesterday, and it sounds like she had her work cut out for her:

"I mean they were showing me how they cooked fried Oreos," said Kurkova, "which was - I've never even heard that it existed."

Read on for more from supermodel Karolina Kurkova on her Top Model experience, what she thought of the girls' prospects in the modeling world, their eating habits, and what she thinks of Tyra's show:

On the personal discussion she leads with the girls on Top Model tonight:
"I mean, I haven't seen the episode yet, but the whole filming, I mean, was very casual. I had no heels on. I'm very simple. And I came to their home, and I really came a very - almost like a friend, like a peer [...] and hang out with them and kind of talk about their experiences, and what they've been through and why they want to be models. Or if people are laughing at them [...] things they're maybe not so crazy about or confident about. And how to work with it."

"They could ask me anything. I mean, we discussed so many personal things and, you know, girls were crying to me. And like, and that was really special to me that they could-they felt so comfortable with me, they could open up with me."

On what she thought of the Top Model contestants' modeling prospects:

"There's a lot of different type of girls that can do all kinds of different things from editorial to more commercial work to more run way or more type of, you know, commercials or movie type of things. [...] I think they still have a lot to learn and they need to get, also, more comfortable with who they are and kind of understand who they are and who they want to be, most importantly. That, you know, they really need to work - come out of their shells and really own who they are and who they want to be."

Can a Top Model winner actually make it in the fashion world?
"It has to do a lot with the girl-with their looks, you know, are they the right looks for what's happening, what's the inspiration for the designers and magazines and editors. And also, you know, do they have personality. [...] It's about a package. It's about being beautiful. Being kind. Being professional. And being, you know, what kind of people are looking for. And, if there is a girl that comes from America's Next Top Model and has all those things, and has that, like, umpf, and that light. I think it doesn't matter where she comes from. You know, I mean, everyone's got to work the same way. We've got to work hard. And, maybe she has to work even more because she come from, maybe, a reality TV show. But you know what? Everything is possible."

On her goal of talking to the models about healthy eating:
"I mean, it's so important to eat and eat well. And you need your fueling and you need the energy. I know, myself, I mean, if I don't eat properly, I cannot just be living on lettuce and water. You know, and I think that people have this misunderstanding that, to be a successful model, I'm to be a size zero.  [...] And I still think it's important and I feel like our industry has been getting such a bad rep that, you know, models don't take care of themselves. They smoke. They drink. They don't eat. And, you know, that's not my case. I've never been that way. I've never smoked in my life. I don't really drink. And I'm all about really good eating and, you know, getting everything, all the nutrients and all the yummy - and, yummy stuff from food."

What eating lessons did she teach the girls?
"I made, like a green fruit smoothie juice for the girls, which, actually, they loved. Which I'm so proud of because, you know, it's hard to win girls, who are used to eating chips and fried Oreos and pizza all the time. And here I come, and I made them a green juice with fruit blended all together. And they kind of liked it. They were like, "Oh, this is good." And when I left, I left the blender there-it was like kind of my gift. And then left the blender and fruit there, and they're starting to like play with it and make it."

On what she thinks of Tyra and the new, high-fashion slant on Top Model:
"I've seen Tyra's show and I like what Tyra does and her really efforts to inspire, and teach, and groom these girls to fulfill their dreams. And I think it's amazing. [...] So, I think she's doing a really good job. And I think she's really-with this season-getting more and more real fashion people involved. Like Dan Kirstenberger's on it; Patricia Field. I'm on it. Zac Posen is on it. You know, really a lot of high end fashion people who want to get involved and want to help and teach and share their little knowing-you know, the knowledge they have to these girls, plus the rest of the world."

Watch America's Next Top Model tonight (8pm, The CW) to see Karolina Kurkova mentor Tyra's ten remaining models, and find out which girl will be eliminated after a conveyor belt runway challenge and intense Mexican wrestling photo shoot.

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