Jaslene Gonzalez Opens Up About Her Past
In a recent interview given after she won America's Next Top Model, Jaslene Gonzalez alluded to a difficult personal situation in her past that contributed to her failed first attempt on the show.

Although it was not in the final audition episode aired in Cycle Seven, she mentioned that her elimination in that cycle was due to “something personal [she] spoke about to [the judges].”  When she did make it past the auditions, in Cycle Eight, Jaslene made a passing reference to some troubles during the “story-telling” exercise with the Aboriginal tribe in one of the final episodes.

Until now, she has not revealed any specifics about what that situation might have been. This week, however, she has opened up about her past, and started to provide some additional insight into a very difficult time in her life.
One of Jaslene’s prizes for winning America’s Next Top Model was both a cover and six-page spread in Seventeen magazine. In the interview that accompanies the photos, she finally reveals that the difficult situation she has alluded to was an abusive relationship in her past.

Jaslene discusses the effect the relationship had on her. It chipped away at her self-esteem.  She says she stopped taking good care of herself physically, and emotionally shut down, no longer “walk[ing] with [her] head high.”

It was after the rejection for Cycle Seven that she took the time to seek therapy to help her with these issues. It was this outside assistance and the progress she made in therapy that helped her feel on track enough to try for the top spot for America’s Next Top Model again – this time successfully.

Jaslene recommends that anyone going through a similar situation also seeks help, saying that for her, actually talking about it was key to her getting through it and moving on to succeed.

The interview and photos will be in the July issue of Seventeen magazine, and will include photos from the shoot featured during the season finale of America’s Next Top Model.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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(Sources: People Magazine, TV Guide)