Exclusive Interview: Fo Porter of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12
Exclusive Interview: Fo Porter of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Fo Porter, the latest girl to be eliminated from America's Next Top Model.

Fo was everything we've come to expect and adore about her: she was charming, funny, upbeat, and kind. Fo and I chatted about how she's nowhere near the crier that she was portrayed as, how she loves her fierce cropped hairdo now, her thoughts on next cycle's short "theme," and about the next reality TV show she'd like to star on.

If you loved Fo before, just wait until you hear this interview!

Hi, this is Abbey with BuddyTV and today I'm talking with Fo from America's Next Top Model. How are you doing today Fo?

I'm great!

I wondered if you could tell me a little bit about how you came to be on America's Next Top Model.

Basically, altogether, nutshell, it was my lack of confidence that brought me to Top Model.

That's an interesting route to get on a modeling show!

Yeah, I guess but hey, it stuck with me and I'm grateful for it.

What was life like in the Top Model house?

Oh my gosh. Life was scandalous, scandalous., scandalous. I mean, if you lived with sisters maybe you can handle it. I have no sisters. I'm an only girl. So it was really, really new to me. It was exciting. There was something new around each corner with the girls. You never knew what was going to happen. You honestly never knew who was going to make what kind of food so, like, it was a lot of fun. It was crazy and I loved it. The girls were amazing. Just meeting new people and actually living with them is an eye opener for me. So it was a lot of fun. I loved it.

Who were your closest friends in the house? It seems like you really got along with everybody. You pretty much avoided the drama.

Oh yeah, that was my main thing - avoiding the drama. Not really making sure everyone liked me because honestly, I don't care whether you like me or not.  But I want to be a likable girl in the house. I just want to be the one that you could actually sit in a room with and talk with. The girls I'm with was of course Teyona, Nija and Aminat. Those are my girls. Those are the girls I'd run to. No one ever had any problems. It was the three of us.

But honestly my best friend going into the house was Jessica. Jessica was my home girl. She called me Stupida and I called her Jessicaca. Those were our nicknames in the house. So yes, she was my girl and, unfortunately, she went home against me so it was just kind of bittersweet. But I love her to death. She's awesome.

What did you think about your ANTM edit and how you were portrayed on the show?

Okay, I am a little emotional. I will admit that. I do tear up. When I see people cry I cry. I'm one of those criers. I felt so bad for the viewers. I was like, "Oh my God,  stop crying. Seriously stop crying." That's probably the only bad thing about the show and the way they portrayed me.  Other than that I really felt they portrayed me the way I am. I'm goofy. I'm a free spirit. I gave it my all and I think you can tell that on the show. I think they portrayed me very well.

Was it weirder to watch yourself on America's Next Top Model or to live it?

To live it and then watch it. I guess they were both just as weird. To go into a competition that you've literally watched since you were 12 and just knowing that you're going to be on there. It's weird knowing that you are filming with Jay, filming with Tyra, filming with Nigel. It's somewhat surreal until you get off the show and then you're like, "Woah. That was like a slap in the face. That happened in two weeks." Watching yourself you're like, "Woah. That's thirteen weeks right there. That's amazing." You just relive it and I feel like I loved reliving that whole essence of Top Model, so I loved it.

Good. Was there anything hard when you were watching the show that someone said about you, or that you watched that was difficult to see?

My elimination was definitely because I felt like I didn't deserve to go home at that specific time. What were shocking things? They had a montage of me crying non-stop. That was embarrassing. I just wanted to yell out to America and be like, "I swear I'm not like that. I swear I'm not a crybaby." You know, I am an emotional person so it didn't really matter too much. There wasn't really too much. Noone said anything catty about me. I don't think there was totally in shock about.

So other than crying a little bit and then having it turned into montages is there anything you regret about this show?

Oh hell no. I'm a person that - at the time I wanted everything so whatever I did, that's what I wanted.  I don't regret. Everybody says that's a cliche - "Never regret" because at one time it's what you wanted, but it's so true. On Top Model there [are] no regrets. With me, at least, there's no "Oh my gosh - if I didn't look that way..." or "Oh my gosh - if my photo wasn't like that..." There's no regrets with me. I totally 100% stand behind who I am on that show.  I love it. I definitely have no regrets whatsoever. I would do it ever if I could.

Did you come around on your short haircut makeover? And did you keep the short 'do as Tyra ordered you?

Yes, I love the haircut. Okay, the first two days, I'm not gonna lie, I cried like a baby. But once that elimination with Jessica and being set up with someone they considered one of the most beautiful girls in the competition, and being told, "Fo, we're giving you a second chance. You pretty much cried your way out so we're giving you your second chance right here, right now," and when I got that second chance it was like my whole world turned. I felt a different confidence. I literally felt like a brand new person. I took it in. I breathed it in. I looked at myself. I got the study of myself. I love short hair. It's amazing to me. I feel like I'm fresh. I feel like I don't have that blanket over my face anymore and I feel taller. That's always a plus when you're called short. Now I have my short hair.

You have definitely been a fan favorite this season. My readers absolutely adore you. All of our comments are about how much they love Fo and we call you Freckles fondly. Have people reacted kindly to you? Do people stop you on the street and stuff like that?

Yeah! And I'm gonna say this right now. I want to thank every last person who supported me through all of this - who has given me "Go Fo!" Even though I may not read them I feel it in my heart. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for the support. If I could repay all of you guys with a platinum diamond pinky ring I would. I can't but thank you so much .I totally forgot the question. I'm sorry.

I was just wondering if people recognized you on the street or stopped you.

Sorry, sorry. Yeah, no, they - I do get recognized. Before the haircut [aired] no one really knew who I was. Then I got the haircut [aired] and literally the day after people were like, "Oh my god. Are you Fo? Oh my God! I love you!" And people were like, "Why were you crying? I can't believe you cried!" I've gotten really great feedback. People support me and I love it. I'm just totally thankful for it too.

So yes, I get recognized and I don't mind taking pictures with anybody. So if you see me don't hesitate to ask me for pictures with you. I will take pictures. People get nervous and they're - "Oh, I feel embarrassed." And I'm like, "No, I totally appreciate your support and even coming up to me. I love the support, so definitely."

Awesome. So what was your favorite photo shoot that you did this cycle?

My favorite would have to be the red photo shoot. I loved it. I was totally in it. But honestly my favorite photo shoot was my last photo shoot at the beach. It was the perfect ending. It was beautiful. I got the most amazing tan I've ever gotten in my entire life. It was amazing. I love the beach photo shoot. It was so relaxing. It was exactly what I needed. It was a breath of fresh air. I loved it. It sucks that it had to be my last photo shoot but that was my favorite - the beach photo shoot.

What was your favorite moment from the show that we didn't get to see on television?

Favorite moment? Hmm. Actually, the beach (in Brazil). There was a lot more going on behind the scenes of the girls taking the photo. We were out in the water. We were playing around. We weren't going to be outside too, too much cause of the paparazzi and whatnot. But we were outside. It was amazing. It was breathtaking. You're in a far away country with hot, gorgeous men all around. So yes, that was my favorite moment - being able to look into the beach and the horizon and thinking, 'This is where I want to be.' At that moment you are America's Next Top Model, no matter what anybody says.

Which judge did you feel was your biggest supporter throughout the cycle?

That's so hard because they all supported me really well. But Miss Jay. I feel like Miss Jay had my back. I had a crappy walk. I'm not gonna lie. I knew I had a crappy walk. But no matter what Miss Jay was my girl. My last episode - everybody was like, "Oh, well she's short. Fo is short. We can't have this." And Jay straight up told the designer, "If Fo would have walked in there and given you a strong, real Fo walk you wouldn't have guessed her to be 5"8." I was like, "Yeah, Jay! That's my girl!" I was almost in tears for her. She had my back. I love her. So yes, that's Miss Jay.

Were you shocked that they made such a big issue about your height at the go-sees? Because they didn't talk too much about it throughout the rest of the season.

Exactly! And that was my big thing. If you knew I was 5"8 why would you have me on the show? It came down to that. They never talked about, "Oh, Fo, you're short. Just try to extend your legs." They always talked about Celia being old. They always talked about Aminat being boring. It's just like, "How are you going to pick one little thing about me right this very minute?" I look Brazilian. I'm not exotic to them. It kinda bummed me out because I know my tallness - It's just a flaw. I'm sorry I can't be taller. It's just a shock to me knowing that the reason I went home was because I was short. [But] I'm not gonna question Tyra's authority in any way, shape or form.

Next season they're focusing on girls who don't meet the traditional height requirement for America's Next Top Model. Do you have thoughts on that? Do you wish you had gone for next season? A season you would totally win, in my opinion.

No. I'm glad I went for this season. I feel like I put a mark for short girls. Okay, I was eliminated because I was short. Next season it's going to be all about "You're on Top Model because you're short." I feel like hell yeah, more power to you, girl. If you can be on Top Model and be 5"4 then knock yourself out. That's amazing. I give them top props, definitely. But I also feel like now America's Next Top Model is giving the type of genre that anybody can be America's Next Top Model now. You don't have to be 6"0 tall. You can be short and still be the Next Top Model. You don't have to go along with the critique of the skinny, 120, 6"0 tall. I'm glad they're doing it now, so yes.

What are your big plans now?

Actually, a major model management firm is interested in me. I'm pretty much going to milk the heck out of modeling. I say that with the best intentions. I want to be able to take the modeling world - or not even modeling, just commercials. It doesn't matter. I want to be able to be out there. I want to be able to use the exposure I've got to the best advantage.

I'm definitely going to go to school. I'm going back to school. I want to do accessory design at the Art Institute and definitely be modeling. I'm planning on moving up to LA pretty soon - actually within the month. So LA is next on my list. Honestly, I want to be on Dancing with the Stars really, really, really bad. I don't know what the critieria is. I don't know what you have to do to be on the show.

Are you a dancer, Fo? Is that something we didn't get to learn about you on the show?

Yes! I am a dancer! I'm not really, like, ballroom dance team but I am, like, drill team, kinda cheerleading a little bit. I was in it for about nine years. I'm definitely a dancer and I love it. So that's definitely a big thing for my next step - trying to get into some dancing, trying to get my big huge thighs to not be big huge thighs anymore.

Well I would definitely vote for you on Dancing with the Stars.

Thank you!

So what's your dream modeling job?

Honestly, I'm glad you asked me that. I haven't been asked that. I really want to be on a fashion show with Gwen Stefani. I'm totally obsessed with Gwen Stefani and her fashion line. I even have a tattoo of her lamb - with L-A-M-B beneath it. I have a tattoo of that on my back and I love Gwen Stefani. Honestly I want to be runway without having to be 5'11. So that's kind of my big model dream - to be on Gwen Stefani's campaign for her or whatever. I just want to deal with Gwen Stefani and her industry, her clothing line. So that's my big dream.

Do you think that's your style - kind of funky, more artistic and rock and roll?

Yeah! Oh yeah! I really wish you could see my shoe right now. I'm literally wearing the cutest zebra print shoes because that's my style - not tacky but I love her prints, I love the Rastafarian vibe. I'm definitely in that vibe too. I love her style and yes, I would definitely love to rock everything she has to put out into the world. So that's my style.

So last but not least, now that you have been eliminated who are you rooting for to win this cycle?

I am definitely rooting for my girls Aminat and Teyona, but honestly I think the person who definitely deserves it, by far, is Allison. Allison proved us all wrong. She proved Tyra wrong. She proved the panel wrong. Alison kicked ass this season and I think she deserves this spot on America's Next Top Model. So yeah, Alison, I love her.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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