America's Next Top Model: Worst Cycle Ever?

Are we on track for the least satisfying and most underwhelming finale of all time in the nine-cycle history of America's Next Top Model? At first, I thought it was just my own grumpy nature causing me to feel so dissatisfied by this season, despite the presence of some interesting modelettes like Heather Kuzmich.

Then recent comments from many of our BuddyTV readers made me realize I am not alone. The chorus of disappointment is growing louder. Is the America's Next Top Model magic gone?

Is there any way the finale tomorrow could still excite and energize the audience? It seems unlikely, but maybe Tyra Banks could take a page from another reality series.

This past season of The Bachelor with Brad Womack seemed similarly blah, even with, again, a few engaging personalities. They just couldn't transcend the overall ho-hum energy of the season. Then Brad Womack turned down both women in the finale and the interwebs exploded with a buzz level that no one could have expected based on the rest of the season.

So maybe Tyra should take a page from Brad Womack's book and not pick any of them. That would at least bring a fresh twist to the proceedings.

I'm joking, of course, there's no way the show won't trudge along and complete its mission to deem one of the three remaining modelettes – Saleisha, Jenah or ChantalAmerica's Next Top Model. But it would appear from several of the comments left on my colleague , there isn't a single one who would satisfy some viewers.

Lucgoose said, “Honestly, all of the remaining contestants are boring. After a couple good cycles in 7 and 8, these remaining three just don't have the 'wow' factor.”

JustinCody agrees, saying, “WORST TOP MODEL FINAL 3 EVER! Goodness, what happened this season?This is easily the most craptacular cycle; even worse then Nicole's series and that's saying something. Yes I agree, wake me up when this is over. From a HUGE top model finale, this is JOKE WORTHY and Tyra Banks has implemented herself to one of the worst judges to ever make decisions. How can any of these three even compare to Yoanna, Naima, Eva, CariDee.. and those four wern't even THAT good. You would've thought with all the ratings and publicity that they could find someone HALF DECENT.”

But cocoboy thinks the issue was bigger than the group of girls picked. “I think that this cycle actually had a good group of girls but I felt like ANTM was some low-budget show this time--I felt like I was in cycle 1 with all of these boring shoots.”

Telemind put it succinctly, saying, “Tyra Wins, we are the losers for watching this season."

So what impact will this have on future seasons? I'm not even going to pretend: despite my boredom with cycle 9, I'll be right there for the cycle 10 premiere, with my fingers crossed that the cycle will be a juicy one.

But what do you think? Are you thinking you're done with ANTM? And is there anything that could happen in the finale that could redeem the season for you? 

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CW)