America's Next Top Model: What's Up With Tyra Banks?
Back in the day, when Tyra Banks was at the top of her modeling career, no one had any idea just how zany she could be. With 11 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, and the birth of her talk show, America has gotten to know Tyra maybe a little bit more than they wanted to. On her talk show, Tyra has done everything from stripping down to a bathing suit and slapping her butt to pretending to be a small child asking her parents about sex for the first time. Her antics on America’s Next Top Model have gotten wackier and wackier over the years.  Is Tyra's behavior entertaining or slowly ruining the image of a former supermodel?

On cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model, Tyra seems to be at her craziest.  In the premiere episode, she appeared out of a machine as a robot from the future here to find the winner of this competition.  She stood, talked, and acted like a futuristic robot but the acting wasn't very good.  Same goes for her sidekicks, Mr. Jay and Miss J.  On last week's makeover episode, she re-enacted the story of Snow White (for no reason really) with Miss J. playing the evil witch and Mr. Jay as her hero, Prince Couture. 

What's awkward about Tyra's antics is that the models have to pretend to be amused by her.  They're forced to play along and we, the viewers, know that they don't find her to be hilariously funny.  Inside, they're probably making the same face I am: staring at my television screen, mouth open, eyes popping out of my head.  I don't think Tyra is funny at all.  In fact, I think she embarrasses herself every time she dons a fake accent or pretends to be a moose chasing a model from Alaska around a runway.

There are several reasons that models hardly work after America's Next Top Model.  No model from the show is certainly a top model in America at all anyway.  The fact that Tyra has resorted more to entertaining herself and trying to prove that she can act (which she can't) instead of teaching these girls how to be successful in the industry, though, is at the top of the list. 

America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 Makeover Gallery

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)