America's Next Top Model: What's New with Jaslene Gonzalez?
Although her season ended months ago, and we are well on our way to an interesting new cycle, Jaslene Gonzalez's BuddyTV Profile continues to be one of the most commented-on of all the America's Next Top Model profiles. Jaslene is still a source of fascination for many America's Next Top Model fans.

So what has she been up to? For one thing, she's got a gorgeous new crop of photos in her America's Next Top Model portfolio.

The CW has posted some of the photos on their website, and they show that Jaslene is still able to rock the high-fashion editorial photo shoot. The medium shoot featured at left is especially impressive; she looks like a different person.

Caridee English has used her position as America's Next Top Model from her cycle to bring more attention to psoriasis, the skin disorder she suffered with as a young person. Now Jaslene is doing the same for a difficult situation from her past.

Jaslene has been open that she was in an abusive relationship as a younger woman. She has said it was partially due to the fallout from that situation that she was not brought onto cycle 7. She had to work through the issues stemming from that relationship before she could be strong enough to withstand the competition.

Now that she has won it, though, she is doing something to help other young people. It was recently reported that Jaslene is working with Liz Claiborne and the organization they sponsor, loveisrespect, a National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline.

It “is a national resource that can be accessed by phone or the internet. The Helpline and offer real-time one-on-one support from trained Peer Advocates.” Jaslene's support is certain to bring even more attention to this issue, and one hopes that this might help any other teens in a similarly difficult situation.


- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: AP
(Images courtesy of CW)