America's Next Top Model: The Controversy Over Isis - BuddyTV Reader Reaction
There doesn't seem to be an America's Next Top Model fan out there who doesn't have a strong opinion about Isis.  I get that it seems that the focus so far this season lies heavily on her, but that's partially because it is so early.  We haven't really gotten to know any of the contestants but Isis has already made a huge impression, by being the first transgendered model to make the final cut.  Also, the show has centered a storyline about her in every episode since the season premiere a few weeks ago.  With several BuddyTV articles written about Isis, and the controversy over her being in the competition or the controversy over the way she's been treated thus far, the readers have sounded off and made their opinion known.  The feedback is almost 100% positive towards Isis - it seems our readers are accepting, forward thinkers!

"If Isis had come to the show already having had the surgery that made her 100% woman, what would you say then?" asks BuddyTV reader ithilicious. "If we think back one cycle, Dominique was a woman although she was called tranny, drag etc. Now, when a transgendered kicks girls' butts, she is almost considered as a criminal! For me, it is unfair." Reader Sheree agrees that the treatment of Isis seems totally unfair. "What bothers me most is that Isis doesn't seem to be trying to bother anyone or get involved in the drama in the house. She isn't rude to anyone, she doesn't gossip or try to tear anyone else down, at least from what they've shown. The other girls need to worry about themselves and leave her alone."

On last week's episode, Hannah pushed Isis away from her in the hot tub, a move that had BuddyTV readers talking! Reader outspoken wasted no time in letting everyone know what she thought of the push. "I just believe that Hannah has a lot of growing up to do and she needs guidance, but if she doesn't recognize that then she's in trouble."

Not everyone is on board to see Isis win America's Next Top Model, as reader surfcity pointed out to me.  "Tsk, tsk, tsk, GS, you've bought into the Isis hype." How can you not, thought?  Isis certainly makes the show interesting, especially considering that her first photo was better than almost every other model in the competition.  I've said before that I don't think she'll win this thing because even though Tyra may be open minded, I highly doubt that Cover Girl is going to feature a transgendered model in their ads, which is too bad.  If sponsors aren't on board, Tyra really can't take her to the end.  Wherever she lands in this competition, this will not be the last we hear of Isis.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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