'America's Next Top Model' Sneak Peeks: The Girls Get Thrown for a Loop
'America's Next Top Model' Sneak Peeks: The Girls Get Thrown for a Loop
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Check out these sneak peeks of tomorrow's America's Next Top Model episode, in which the eleven remaining models are put to the (asinine and unrelated) test: Posing mid-ride on a rollercoaster!

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"Matthew Rolston" Preview: Really, Nigel? "Nothing screams high fashion like riding the Silver Bullet"? I think you mean anything screams high fashion more than riding the Silver Bullet. But OK, I'll go along with it, since you're facilitating so much hilarious rollercoaster face.

Extended Sneak Peek: Between Chris's priceless murderer analogy and Nigel saying "Try not to pee when you're above us," it is clear that this is actually the best challenge for America's Next Top Model. Murder Thoughts + Pee +  Screaming + Rollercoaster Face = Perfect Photo Shoot!

Wait ... did you catch that?

kacey-edgy-antmvideo.jpgSomeone needs to tell Kacey the difference between "on the edge" (of sanity) and "edgy."

America's Next Top Model 15.4 "Matthew Rolston" airs Wednesday night at 8pm on the CW. Check out the girls' final photos from the episode:

(Image courtesy of CW)

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