America's Next Top Model, Season 7 Episode 10, "The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot in Her Mouth"
Originally aired on Wednesday, 11/22/2006 Episode Rating: *** (3 out of 5 stars) Episode Overview: The girls talk with show creator Tyra Banks who reminds them that modeling is a tough industry and to not take criticism too personally. The girls' skills are then put to the test as they're asked to go on go-sees all around Barcelona. Melrose Bickerstaff attends the most auditions and wins the challenge. The models then pose as matadors alongside a very grouchy costar, a live bull! But the real conflict is between Nigel Barker and Caridee English, who accidentally insults the photographer.
Episode Highlights:
  • The girls attend go-sees all around Barcelona.
  • The girls pose as matadors alongside a live bull.
  • Michelle questions her dedication to the competition and is eliminated.
Recap: Shaken from her near elimination, Caridee struggles to rebound from an off week, confiding in Michelle who, despite her natural talent, still isn't sure if modeling is something she wants to pursue. In order to relieve some of this pent up anxiety, the girls call Lucas, the guide from their last shoot, and asks him to bring some friends over for dinner. The boys arrive and Caridee wastes little time before slipping off with sexy Spaniard Victor for a little private chat, while Michelle wonders what they'd have to talk about, since they don't speak the same language. My guess? International trade policy, yeah, for sure. The next day the girls have a sit-down with Tyra Banks for the obligatory 'dark side of modeling' talk. Tyra says that although modeling is fun and exciting, there is a dark side (see: Dickinson, Janice). She's in total 'Tyra Banks Show' mode here, instructing her young charges to view America's Next Top Model as a coach who's always pushing them to do their best and to keep their heads held high. The girls then meet with Pancho Saula, the director of Elite Modeling's Barcelona agency who has set up ten go-sees for them to attend all around the city with each designer evaluating them on their appearance, runway walk, personality, and portfolios. He also reminds them to be back in the agency by 6:00pm or they'll be disqualified. The girls hit the streets of Barcelona. Eugena Washington and Caridee team up as do the Sisters Babin, while Melrose decides to go it alone, a strategy that seems to pay off as she manages to arrive on time to most of her appointments. The same can not be said for Michelle and Amanda Babin, however, who can't even find which street they're on, let alone the design studios. Meanwhile, the designers criticize Caridee for arriving too dressed up, (models are expected to appear as blank canvasses when they first meet a designer) and Eugena for not showing much personality (because she doesn't have much personality to show). At the end of the day, all three groups pile into cabs and speed back to Elite. Wait a minute, cabs? No rickshaws, no mo-peds, I figured they'd at least have them ride a bull around town or something. Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Melrose, Caridee, and Eugena all arrive on time, but the twins don't appear until after the six o'clock deadline and are disqualified. Of the three girls remaining, the designers felt Melrose showed the most personality and she wins the challenge, picking Caridee to share a catered dinner at their apartment. Tyra-Mail tells the girls to not let the photographer 'bull-y' them around, imply the next photo shoot will involve bull riding. Eugena says she hopes they're just dealing with a mechanical bull. Come on girl, this is Barcelona, not Alabama. They arrive at the bull fighting arena and meet 'El Matador' Jay Manuel. 'El Matador' in this case meaning, 'he who wears ridiculous amounts of eye makeup.' Jay then introduces the photographer, who turns out to be none other than Top Model judge Nigel Barker. He also mentions that each girl will be shooting alongside a live bull in the arena. A live bull, with horns and everything? Oh, this won't end well. As the bull is being lead into the arena, Caridee jokingly makes a remark to Nigel about removing a stick from his ass since last panel. Nigel, obviously, doesn't find this very funny and storms off. Before the shoot begins Jay gathers the girls together and reminds them to show every photographer respect and to treat them like a boss. First up is Eugena who twists her body in a series of lithe poses that impress Jay and Nigel. Next is Amanda who Nigel says is only modeling with her arms and not her whole body. The bull agrees apparently, and charges Amanda, who hides behind a partition. That'll teach her to only model from the waist up. Michelle and Melrose both receive high praises for their unique poses, leaving Caridee as the last to shoot. She's still shaken from her comment to Nigel and it shows. Jay tells her it's looking a little porn star-ish (I wonder if the spandex hot pants they dressed her in had anything to do with that) and to stop over thinking. Afterwards, Caridee apologizes to Nigel for her comment and he tells her to be more careful in the future. At panel, Nigel asks each girl to come up and tell the judges who they feel has the most and least amount of talent of the remaining girls. Naturally, each girl chooses themselves as the most talented with Amanda being singled out as the girl with the least potential. The last up is Michelle who's insecurities, bubbling under the surface for weeks now, finally overwhelm her. She says her weakness lies in not knowing what she really wants and being around determined girls like Melrose and Caridee have only heightened her doubts. During deliberation, the judges struggle with who should be eliminated. Amanda and Caridee's photos were both lackluster, but Michelle's crisis of confidence makes them ask whether she's trying to tell them something. Tyra even theorizes that perhaps Michelle feels guilty for being a more natural model than her sister and is willing to sacrifice herself for Amanda's benefit. The girls return and Tyra starts handing out photos. First is Eugena, then Melrose, then a tearful Caridee, leaving the twins in the bottom two. They approach Tyra hand-in-hand. Tyra tells Michelle how frustrating it is to see a girl with such a gift for modeling not have a passion for it. Amanda, meanwhile, is equally frustrating because she has all the drive in the world but none of the natural ability. Tyra hands the last photo to Amanda saying that desire will always be more important than just beautiful pictures. --Scott K.