America's Next Top Model: Jael Strauss Updates Her Fans
Jael Strauss was one of the most original and interesting women to appear in recent Cycles on America's Next Top Model. When asked to describe herself in one of the challenges, she picked strong and powerful words like “Sexy Beast” and “Dominator.”  The judges weren't sure how well her tough rocker image would mesh with the squeaky-clean girlish Cover Girl image. While Jael did occasionally succumb to that special brand of self-doubt that seems to infect every girl who crosses the ANTM threshold, ultimately, no amount of criticism from the judges could convince her to change how she presented herself to the world.

This might have held her back from becoming America's Next Top Model, but it seems her determination to take a positive and active approach to life is serving her well back in the real world. She recently posted an entry on Orato, a website devoted to first-person citizen journalism. In it, she updates her fans and seems to have maintained that strong spirit that won over so many viewers.

First off, she asserts she is A-OK with not winning the competition, because she's happy enough with how she carried herself, saying “I came in as myself, and left as myself. I was the best me that I could be - 110 % - like everything else I try to do.” She's also keeping plenty busy, still modeling, helping to create several music videos and continuing her work as a bad manager.

When it comes to her modeling, Jael feels she knows her strengths, saying “For me, I feel my best photos are captured when I release my fears and am not self-conscious. When I allow myself to be the most vulnerable in addition to high energy, I take good photos.”

She doesn't have a lot to say about the judges from America's Next Top Model, saying that she never really got a chance to know anything Tyra Banks or Jay Alexander because of the unnatural structure of the reality program. When it comes to the other women on the show, she says she's happy that she was able to make friends with “90%” of them. Of those relationships, she says that her friendship with Brittany [Hatch] was “the closest, and she remains one of my best friends today. Renee [Alway] was definitely more catty at times. We all have our bad days. Some more than others.”

Speaking of cattiness, she says that she thinks that if she had remained on the show, the spiteful targeting of Natasha Galkina by Jaslene Gonzalez and Renee would not have happened. She says that “You don't belittle someone else to get ahead, at least not in front of me!”

As we've reported previously, Jael has stated she's in the works to star in another reality show, but there are no updates on that in the article. Nevertheless, fans will surely be glad to get the update from this unique and sunny personality from America's Next Top Model.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


(Image courtesy of CW)