'America's Next Top Model' Finale Clip + Spoiler: And the Winner Is ...
'America's Next Top Model' Finale Clip + Spoiler: And the Winner Is ...
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This Wednesday is the America's Next Top Model cycle 15 finale, in which we will finally see Tyra's final two, Ann and Chelsey, go head to pretty head in a final Covergirl photo shoot and Roberto Cavalli runway show.

Last week, after Kayla and Jane got the boot, I posed the season's final question to you all: Who should win, Ann or Chelsey? You all replied with compelling reasons for both girls to take home the victory, but the overall consensus, in the comments and the poll, was clear: This season's first-photo champion, Ann, is your overall favorite to win.

But who WILL win? Well, if you don't already/want to know, here's my advice: Do not look through this photo album from the finale, which many observant readers have discovered reveals Wednesday's winner.

After the following clip from the episode, I discuss the unintentional spoiler. In other words: SPOILER ALERT.

UPDATE: Maybe the spoiler isn't such a spoiler after all? More on that below.

But first, the clip. Back on the Top Model bus, it's either girl's game:

So, as I mentioned, one photo in particular released by the CW (#19 in our episode 15.13 album, "Roberto Cavalli") reveals this cycle's Top Model winner to be Ann. The photo has since been pulled down from the CW press site, which seems to indicate that it was indeed an error, and not a red herring, on their part for releasing it in the first place. (There's now a spoiler alert on our album, and I apologize to anyone who looked through the album unaware, and actually felt spoiled on Wednesday's finale, but honestly ...is a "spoiler" really a spoiler if we all saw it coming?)

I would actually contend that Wednesday's finale will still be just as exciting to watch even though we now know the winner, because deep down, I think most of us knew who would take home the trophy anyway. So instead of watching on Wednesday with the simple goal of seeing the final reveal, now we can sit back and relax, and appreciate the hour for what it is: The final leg of a pretty spectacular transformation, for both final girls, who have truly grown and learned from the industry's best, and for America's Next Top Model, which actually managed to pull off a high-fashion season and crown a high-fashion winner. There were the typical crazy stunts along the way (the rollercoaster and treadmill runway come to mind ...) but overall, the show itself has gotten a big makeover, and, if the spoiler is true, crowned a winner who will be right at home on the cover of Vogue Italia.

Don't agree with me? Still feel spoiled? Cheated? Sad for the runner-up? Feel free to say so. But I'm still looking forward to Wednesday's episode for two important reasons: Filming the final Covergirl commercial is always entertaining, and a Roberto Cavalli runway show in Milan is arguably the most impressive fashion event Top Model has ever hosted. So I hope, even though you may now know the winner, you'll still find plenty of reasons to join me back here on Wednesday for the Top Model finale live recap at 8pm EST! Andre Leon Talley is busting out his best, sparkliest silver cape for the occasion, so we KNOW it's gonna be MAYjah.

UPDATE: BuddyTV user Lauryn D. alerted me to the fact that a double photo of both girls' final Covergirl ads appears on Chelsey's Facebook page, and each ad says "Congratulations!" and announces the girl as the Top Model winner. So it looks like, whether to throw us off or as part of the final judging process, they created both ads (and only posted Ann's on the CW site for some reason). Though I still predict that Ann will take home the win, that spoiler doesn't sound so spoilery after all, and we shouldn't count Chelsey out just yet! Here's the photo from Chelsey's Facebook (thanks Lauryn!):


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