'America's Next Top Model' Final 5: Who Should/Will Go Home Next?
'America's Next Top Model' Final 5: Who Should/Will Go Home Next?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We're coming down to the wire on this cycle of America's Next Top Model: Short Makeover Edition. We've seen eight photo shoots so far in cycle 13, and just as many challenges meant to test the five remaining under-5'7'' models on their poise, beauty, random skills, and (oh yeah!) modeling talent. So, now that only Jennifer, Nicole, Laura, Erin and Sundai remain, I ask you, O patient and discerning ANTM fans:

Who will be eliminated--and who should be eliminated--before the Final 2 face off in the ANTM finale two weeks from now?

It's a simple, two-part question, really. But that doesn't mean the answer is. Especially when we've got Tyra calling the shots.

So, as you prepare to watch tonight's episode, "Dive Deeper," or you're here after the episode to react to the latest elimination, check out the final photos once again, assess each girl's strengths and weaknesses, and let me know who YOU think deserves to reach the runway!

Previous Photo Shoots (don't worry, they open in new tabs):
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Episode 2 (Baby Photos)
Episode 3 (Seabiscuit)
Episode 4 (Lengthening)
Episode 5 (Scarves)
Episode 6 (Cirque du Soleil)
Episode 7 (Ninja)
Episode 8 (Covergirl Commercials)
Episode 9 (Biracial)

The Final 5 (in no particular order, in their elimination photos from tonight's episode, "Dive Deeper"):






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