America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.13, "The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model" Live Thoughts
Well, tonight, it all comes down to a final three on Top Model that we are (semi) excited about.  Sure, we all hoped that Heather would be there but we'll have to get over it and choose a new favorite as Jenah, Saleisha, and Chantal compete to win it all.  Really, all they'll get out of this are those Cover Girl commercials that will air next season and some runway shows here and there.  Still, I've been hooked for nine cycles and can't wait for the tenth to start.  It doesn't matter to be whether they work a lot or not after leaving the show.  I just care that they entertained me for a few months!  It's time for some live thoughts and I've chosen Jenah to win tonight.  Good luck to all the ladies!  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts throughout the hour.

Jenah's complaining that she doesn't want to get sent home.  Of course!  Nobody wants to get sent home before the final runway show!

The girls get to shoot another CG commercial and print ad.  The winner will have her ad run nationally.  The pressure is on and these girls struggled in the past with their commercial shoot.  In fact, Chantal is struggling as we speak. 

Jenah has completely blanked - that's not good.  She tries to redeem herself but ends up looking bitchy.  Maybe she will be the one to go home next.  Argh, Jenah!  Shut up so you can stay in the competition! 

Even Saleisha falls apart in front of the camera and breaks down.  She needs a minute to collect herself and walks off set.  She cries it out with Jay and then, heads back to try one last time.

The girls shoot their print ads but they don't show too much of it.   They had right into panel and someone's going home.  Going out third in this competition is always the worst! 

Tyra is asking the girls who has the least potential and Jenah is getting slammed!  I do feel bad for her.  Maybe she's just misunderstood.  She fires back, sticking up for herself, and calling Chantal "amateur".

Saleisha's commercial goes over well and gets little criticism from the judges.  The most Tyra could think of is the way she says "thing". 

Side note: Is Miss J intentionally trying to have a larger afro every week?

Chantal also does well but they come right down on Jenah.  Tyra says it looks like she was making fun of the commercial.  Jenah says she feels misunderstood - exactly what I said.  She breaks down, saying that she's defensive because she had to be a mom growing up.  The judges turn it around and compliment her and her photo.

Tyra calls Chantal first, putting her in the final two.  Saleisha and Jenah are crying as Tyra gives them their reasons for being in the bottom two.  Tyra eliminates Jenah and keeps Saleisha for that final runway walk.  Oh man, I'm so disappointed.

I love how Chantal and Jenah are crying and hugging to say goodbye even though minutes earlier, Chantal said she wouldn't want her little sister looking up to her.

The final two girls take photos and one will be featured on the cover of Seventeen magazine.  Now, they're checking out their space for the final runway.

The runway show is starting and it is just too cool!  Jaslene kicks it off with her fierce walk.  It looks like Saleisha has the better walk.  I think Tyra's going with Saleisha.  A performer fell in front of Chantal and she totally just broke character.  Uh oh. 

Finally, Tyra brings up Miss J's afro.  It's INSANE!

The judges go back through the final two's photos from beginning to end.  They debate and now, it's the moment of truth.  Saleisha wins and Chantal is gracious about her loss.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)

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