America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.5, "The Girl Who Is Afraid of Heights" Live Thoughts
Tonight, the models are pushed to be more creative in their photo shoots, using everything from trampolines to figure skating.  When they take pictures on top of a building, one model breaks down because she is afraid of heights.  Now, you can't really be on America's Next Top Model and not expect to be up high, up close with an animal, or naked at some point.  Still, we'll find out if she makes it through the night.  And, I heard cycle 6 winner Danielle will appear on tonight's episode!  I'll be here throughout the hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing, get your updates, and post your thoughts too!

Saleisha vows to stay out of bottom two and I believe she'll turn it around tonight.  Janet tries to step up as house mom and get things organized and clean.  Nobody wants to listen to her but seriously?  That place is nasty.  Somebody has to do something.

That scene with Janet happened before Victoria left.  Anybody else notice that her name was on the list of chores?  While Heather annoys the other models with her strong opinions of them, Ambreal entertains them with a song she wrote.  Apparently, it didn't take long for these girls to get on each other's nerves as Sarah is fed up with Lisa's insecurities.

Benny Ninja's back!  He teaches the girls how to pose while moving on a trampoline.  I'm having a hard time keeping a straight face as these girls take headers.  Heather struggles the most, falling every time she leaves the trampoline.  Ambreal and Saleisha kill it!  Probably helps that Ambreal has taken dance and is a musical theater major.

Naked model alert!  A bunch of them are running around sans clothes, chasing each other, and jumping in the pool.  What happened to showing yourself in a positive light?  Oh well...

You can't get rid of Benny when posing is involved.  He shows up again, this time at a skating rink.  Lisa screamed when she finds out.  She's having slightly overdramatic reactions tonight.  The girls will be skating with Lloyd Eisler, aka that guy who supposedly cheated on his wife with Kristy Swanson on that show where they paired skaters with celebrities.  Danielle shows up to see the girls in their photo shoot!  Her advice is pretty generic though, "Have fun, don't take yourself seriously, yada yada yada..."

Once again, Heather struggles and is very awkward which is unfortunate since she can take great pictures.  Not many of the girls seem to do well at this challenge but a few managed to impress.  It's a big prize for the winner tonight who will get to do a shoot for Seventeen magazine with Danielle.   Despite all her worrying, Lisa pulls off the win.  The girls go into full diva mode, saying she didn't deserve to win it. 

For the photo shoot, Lisa gets to bring along two friends and chooses Ebony and Janet.  They all do a good job and the pictures look great.  When she returns from her photo shoot, Bianca goes into full nasty mode, bringing up that her makeup is making her break out.  Saleisha tells Lisa what the other girls are saying about her and the house is thrust into full on drama mode!

More screaming from the girls when they figure out that their next photo shoot will have something to do with heights.  Ambreal immediately freaks out and has to be helped up the stairs.  Jay has zero sympathy probably because time is money when it comes to photo shoots. 

Heather redeems herself in the shoot, giving Jay exactly what he was looking for.  Sarah's poses are strange and I wasn't really getting what she was doing.  Jay tells Saleisha that she's too men's magazine again.  She may have gotten a slow start, but Lisa works it out with a little help from Jay.  Ambreal manages to make it through her shoot, but doesn't bring a whole lot of creativity.

Time for judging.  Miss J's hair gets bigger every week!  Sarah and Ambreal fail to impress while Ebony and Chantal get high marks.  Despite her best attempts to hide it, Janet's white underwear is totally visible in her shot.  Lisa turns out a strong picture.

Side note: Jenah looks terrible at judging.  She looks like she didn't put any effort into her look.  What's that about?  The same can't be said for her picture, which once again is beautiful.  Tyra just echoed my sentiments about her look.  Run a brush through your hair, girl!

While the judges deliberate, let me say that I'm going to be mad if Ambreal goes home tonight only because the title of the episode gave it away.  Tyra just made a pun, saying a "gar-girl" was going to go home.  :::groan::::

After whining about it all episode, Lisa finally gets called first but deservedly so.  Her rival Bianca is called next.  After that, Tyra calls Ebony, Chantal, Jenah, Saleisha, Heather, and Sarah.  Janet and Ambreal are left in the bottom two, one for needing too much coaching and one for not progressing enough.  Tyra saves Ambreal and eliminates Janet.  Ok thank you, Top Model, for not setting me up the whole episode.

On Friday, Janet will be talking to BuddyTV about her time on the show.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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