America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.2 "The Girls Go Green" Live Thoughts
On last week's episode of America's Next Top Model, Tyra and her fellow judges narrowed down the field from 33 semi-finalists to 13 finalists.  The girls were given a chance to make a first impression by having some one-on-one time with the judges, sharing their stories and modeling bikinis.  The girls also received a lesson in runway as well as participated in a photo shoot.  Twenty girls were cut afterwards and sent home while the remaining girls moved on in the competition.  Tonight, the competition really heats up and I'm here live through the hour with live thoughts.

The girls all talk about why they want to be the next model.  They meet up with Jay, who gives them their car for the competition which is environmentally friendly.  The limo bus takes them to their house which seems to have 97 pictures of Jaslene in it.  The girls get crazy while Heather sits alone.  Why doesn't anyone try to include her?

Today's photo shoot will examine the effects of smoking.  The girls will take two pictures and it sounds like one pic will be beautiful and one will be ugly.  Yup, those effects of smoking pictures are heinous.  The girls seem to have zero empathy for Heather, which is unfortunate.  Mila laughs at her look which is supposed to be post-chemotherapy.  Ummm, what's funny?

Cat fight alert!  Bianca and Lisa can't seem to get along.  Hug it out.

Miss Firecracker herself, Ebony, gave a lackluster performance.  Lisa attempts to pull out a fierce performance and Bianca shoots her right down.  When she goes too far, Lisa gets in her face and breaks down.  I'm on Lisa's side here.  Bianca finally apologizes but says it's all strategic.

Heather tells the girls that she has Asperger syndrome, but that doesn't really seem to change anything.  The girls are catty and rude.  Yuck.

Jaslene's My Life As A Cover Girl is on.  Eh, it doesn't do much for me.

Miss J. surprises the girls to talk to them about style.  The girls are sent to Old Navy to choose basic items for their wardrobe to impress when they see the judges.  Old Navy shelled out some cash for that name drop!  Benny Ninja is there to greet them, and he just somethin' else, isn't he?  The girls are given 10 minutes to pick an outfit and a winner will be announced during judging. 

Jenah notes that Heather struggled to find an outfit but doesn't bother to help her either.  Real nice.  When she gets home, Heather calls her mom crying she doesn't fit in.  Yeah, I would too.

Time for judges panel.  These photos are disturbing!  Ha ha!  Miss J. just told Mila her picture looks like she just farted.  Ebony's picture is less than impressive.  Heather is complimented for her photo, but not her confidence.  Saleisha wins the Old Navy contest and wins $1000 to the store.  I'd go CRAZY!  Polo shirts forr everyone!

Before announcing who will be moving on, Tyra tells the girls that this will be a smoke-free season.  Wow, surprising but cool.  She calls Heather first, nice.  After that, Lisa is called.  Can you feel the smoke coming from Bianca's ears?  Next, Chantal is called followed by Sarah, Jenah, Saleisha, Ambreal, Victoria, and Janet.  The last few to be called are Kimberly and Bianca, leaving Mila and Ebony in the bottom two.  Ebony is crying.  Tyra shows Ebony's picture, drying up those tears fast, and sends Mila packing.  Anybody surprised that she went?  The laughing really did her in. 

On next week's America's Next Top Model,  Bianca continues to fight with the other girls but Saleisha stands up to her.  The girls get freaked out after arriving at a creepy destination.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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