'America's Next Top Model' CariDee English Opens Her Home Doors
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like behind the glamour of the modeling industry, you might want to listen to America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 winner CariDee English.  On a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, she revealed what her LA life at home is like.  Staying at a four-bedroom “palace” seems a bit extravagant, but she’s one reality TV star who’s not holding back.

“I live by myself. I love it,” English exclaimed.  While it may seem lonely for her, she keeps two cats – Diva and Vogue - around for company.  There’s obviously plenty of space to share, since her place has four bedrooms, five baths, 20-foot ceilings, with a music room and hookah lounge to boot.

She did all the decorating herself, with designs ranging from modern to romantic.  “I have many different themes in each wing and room in my penthouse," the 22-year-old English declared.

"I have a hookah lounge where friends come over to unwind and make a drink at my bar and sit in huge memory-foam beanbag chairs and have a tobacco hookah.”

“And then, when we feel like having some fun, we go into my music room where I installed all red lights, and I have three guitars ... a Taylor, a Martin acoustic-electric and my first one I got from my mom, a Washburn.  The other side, I have a full electric Roland drum set that I jam out on whenever I am having a hard day.”

Even so, it looks like the work isn’t over.  She says that she’s planning on posting pictures on her currently white kitchen walls as well as adding items to her growing shoe collection.  However, there are a few things the America’s Next Top Model winner likes to keep safe and untouched.  She has a baby pillow named Stinky from her childhood, in addition to her precious guitars.

“People who know me know that music is my life,” she admitted.  “I have played guitar for years, piano for 15 and drums for years.  Music is a huge part of my life.  So seeing my guitars, you would definitely be able to tell it was my place.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Chicago Tribune
(Image Courtesy of the CW)