'America's Next Top Model: All-Stars' Deleted Scenes: More of Bianca's Big Blowup
'America's Next Top Model: All-Stars' Deleted Scenes: More of Bianca's Big Blowup
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last week's episode of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars may as well have been renamed The Bianca Show. When she wasn't sparring with Lisa, giving stinkface on the runway or accusing Shannon of having an "ugly soul," Bianca was plotting further conflicts and complaining that her fellow models were jealous of her, didn't respect her, and were out to get her. (If they weren't out to get her before, they sure are now.)

By the grace of Michael Jackson's memory and La Toya Jackson's kindness (plus the judges deeming Lisa and Angelea the worst photos of the week), Bianca escaped elimination, despite her multi-part, multi-enemy meltdown -- which means that tonight, we're in for another installment of the drama. Something tells me that if Bianca doesn't subdue the attitude, the panel won't be so forgiving next time.

Check out four deleted scenes from last week's tense episode:

Deleted Scene 1: Dominique, Shannon and Alexandria discuss The Bianca Problem. Would Bianca ever hit anyone? Dominique says no. (I say maybe. If the bitch had it coming.)

"It's BUSINESS! You feel me, though? You left your baby! Your BABY, who just came out of you TWO MONTHS AGO!" - Alexandria, captain of the ANTM Debate Team

Deleted Scene 2: Jay, La Toya Jackson and Dominique discuss the MJ Photo Shoot.
It's actually nice to see an extended discussion about modeling technique. We don't really get a lot of that ... on this modeling competition show.  Plus, more baby talk! Dominique really does not get enough credit on air for her incredible pregnancy bounce-back. (Watch La Toya work with Bre during the shoot in another deleted scene, and Jay give Angelea some shoot pointers in this one!)

Deleted Scene 3: Bianca's No-Good, Very Bad Day. Of course, this scene in which Bianca expressed her frustrations in a calm and composed way did not make the cut for the episode. But at least we can watch it now! It's hard not to sympathize, because some of the Top Model house antics drive me crazy, just by watching them on TV.

Deleted Scene 4: Everybody Loves Allison, Allison Loves Everybody. Watch the stylist rave over Allison's retro MJ look, La Toya teach Allison some vintage Jackson Five moves, and Allison ooze her admiration for everyone. I love all the love!

BONUS: Tyra and Keenan lipsync to "Walk Like Tyra." Um ... I guess they became best friends when Keenan taped that forthcoming All-Stars episode in which he and Tyra do their "Bootie Tooch" dance. These two make an odd, but entertaining and enjoyable, pair. Tyra's Modelland "Smizes" and a homemade Victoria's Angel outfit also make cameos. Enjoy!

Tune in to the CW tonight at 9pm for the latest episode of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, and check out the final photos from the episode below.

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