Why Your Favorite Will or Won't Win 'America's Got Talent'
Why Your Favorite Will or Won't Win 'America's Got Talent'
Last night the America's Got Talent finals gave us four of the strongest acts we've seen. There is no runaway favorite this season, and all four acts have support. After watching the whole season and reading your comments, here is why your favorite from the final four might or might not win.

Prince Poppycock
AGT F4 Poppycock.png
Why he could win: He is a great showman and has brought audiences to their feet with his show-stopping medleys and costumes. He managed to win over audiences no one thought he could (husbands, "Middle America," conservative types) with his clever performances and great voice. Over the past weeks he has garnered a strong fan base who would vote him through to that headlining spot.

Why he could lose: His performance for the finals was flat, not at all up to the Poppycock standard. It was almost like, as one of you suggested in the comments, he threw it on purpose. In the past he gave us dancing, fireworks, vase-smashing, and frivolity. Last night he walked down the stairs in a suit of armor, and sort of petered out at the end of his performance (after Piers gave him a big fat X). Also, he makes opera people angry and you never make opera people angry. What happened to the heir to the throne?

Michael Grimm
AGT F4 Grimm.png
Why he could win: He's America's next soul singer! He's so consistent, so chill, and just easy to listen to. He's also incredibly sweet and humble; listening to him talk about his grandmother and New Orleans is enough to make a grown man cry, but he doesn't milk it for sympathy. Howie loves him, and his album would sell, sell, sell (you can already buy it on iTunes).

Why he could lose: He's almost too consistent, too chill. He may not be exciting enough for America. Also, he's a singer in a variety contest. You can't deny that he's good, but people don't seem to think he'll go home with the big prize. He's currently ranked lowest in the poll from last night's recap. Is this a must-see live show?

Jackie Evancho
AGT F4 Jackie.png
Why she could win: She is America's favorite, and the most talked-about contestant this season. She was America's choice from YouTube, and has effortlessly moved forward in the competition ever since. Seriously, she's all anyone is talking about. Also, she seems really sweet and grateful and angelic. Also, Piers is ready to hand this thing over to her on a silver platter.

Why she could lose: She's a kid. People are talking about her, but they're also talking about how her voice could change and mature, how she has a great career ahead of her, and how she needs time to just be a kid. She's on her way to superstardom, regardless, but even fan favorite Susan Boyle came in second. Also, don't make opera people angry.

Fighting Gravity
AGT F4 Gravity.png
Why they could win: They are the only variety act left and have been a favorite to win since their audition. Until Jackie came along, Fighting Gravity was the favorite. It's something new and exciting that we hadn't seen before. Also, it's a show people would pay to see live.

Why they could lose: They haven't really gotten better. They managed to improve upon their act in several different ways over the weeks, but in the end we know what to expect by this point. I liked what they did with different props and lasers, but it's never been 100% perfect and the act has lost a little bit of its original thrill the last few weeks. Is America over it?

So, last night you answered who you think SHOULD win, but let's get real. Who do you think WILL win?

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