Mariah Carey on 'America's Got Talent'?
Mariah Carey on 'America's Got Talent'?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Looks like new host Nick Cannon will be bringing more to America's Got Talent than his hosting skills.  In an interview with MTV News, the rapper and actor says he's definitely hoping that wife Mariah Carey can grace the NBC talent show.

"They keep asking me that -- I don't know. It's a possibility. She loves the show," he said.  "She has a hot new album coming out.  It's the hottest show on TV so why wouldn't that work out?  So hopefully the timing works out and she does get to come represent."

Cannon, the third host in the four seasons of America's Got Talent, adds that while Susan Boyle put Britain's Got Talent on the world map, its US counterpart will not be left behind.

"They set it high, but it's America, baby -- this is how we get down.  We got some stuff for you. We got so many wonderful acts.  It runs the gamut.  It's so much that it's just going to be overwhelming."

Not to undermine Boyle's unprecedented rise to global fame, however, the 28-year-old concurs that the plump singer actually represents what the 'Got Talent' stands for all along - "ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

As for the hosting job, which he takes from two-season host Jerry Springer, Cannon describes it as "the best summer job ever" on top of being "a comedian's dream."  He relates that he knows how it feels to be an amateur act struggling for recognition, as most personalities on America's Got Talent are.

"I was an 8-year-old onstage at talent shows at churches.   I can relate directly with all those contestants and I'm a fan of the show. ... You have some of the wackiest people coming up to you.  It's just hilarious.  I just got to stand there and let the comedy flow."

Cannon married Carey in April last year.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV News
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