'America's Got Talent' Quarterfinals Part 4 Preview: Some Frontrunners Set to Hit the Stage
'America's Got Talent' Quarterfinals Part 4 Preview: Some Frontrunners Set to Hit the Stage
Bill King
Bill King
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After the strongest group of America's Got Talent quarterfinalists hit the stage last week, we're poised for another big night on the Radio City Music Hall stage tonight.

Two of my "one act to watch" contestants are set to perform, one of whom I project sticking around until the very end. But before we preview the 12 acts that will vie for four spots in the semifinals, let's get to the real headline.

After two weeks of successfully predicting only half of the advancing acts, I jumped up to 75% last week, and the failure can hardly be blamed on me (or America's judge, Howard Stern, for once). 

I feel no shame or lack of patriotism in saying the American Military Spouses Choir had no business moving on to the semifinals, but apparently voters let the old stars and stripes get in the way of their logic and common sense. 

Sure, they're a great story and send an inspiring message, but c'mon, people. They sang "Hero," wore special sashes and shoved the flag down our throats. And it worked.

What are they going to do next? Sing the Monday Night Football theme song in American flag track suits while military service dogs bring USO pins to everyone in the audience? Brandon and Savannah or the Mitsi Dancing School deserved one of those spots, but hey, it just makes the cuts in the next round a bit easier, right? I'm bound to go four for four one of these weeks.

But which acts are competing for those elusive four spots? And who is poised to excel? Let's break it down.

3Penny Chorus & Orchestra: After their audition, I called them a "60-member choir and orchestra that somehow made 'Call Me Maybe' even more annoying." They are talented singers and musicians, and I get they're trying to modernize the choir thing, but I'm going to need something more to get behind them.

The Robotix: They are basically the real-life version of the School of Rock, but I don't recall seeing them audition or perform in Las Vegas. I might have just missed it, but BuddyTV found and posted video of them here. They sound pretty good, but bands have not fared well thus far. Am I crazy? Did they appear on the show before?

Champions Forever: The basketball twirling, unicycle riding version of The Waltons. There's, like, 100 of them and they're all related. The audition was way too busy for me, and I'm not sure how much they can ramp it up. 

SensEtion: I didn't think they deserved a spot in the quarterfinals, because while they have a cool concept (3D video mapping and dancing), they don't make the best use of the technology they are embracing. Also, they're not great dancers. Still, it will be interesting to see what they've done in the time they've had to improve. 

Taylor Williamson: Your typical awkward and self-deprecating comedian. I don't think he comes across as polished as someone who has been doing this for a decade, and he blurs the line between comedic persona and actual personality, which I think is dangerous. I liked his banter much more than his set.

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Tummy Talk: You're joking, right?

Cami Bradley: She might have the best and most unique voice of all the female singers in the competition. And at 25, she lacks the cuteness of the kid singers but is much more seasoned, which should help her stand out.

Timber Brown: One of my absolute favorites of the earlier rounds, I fully expect Timber Brown to wow us again. The guy can climb anything, and I honestly don't know how he's not already a full-time performer in an aerial/circus show. 

David Ferman: This extreme juggler was one of the better danger acts, first balancing a Molotov cocktail on a balloon on a stick in his mouth and then popping the balloon, and then juggling turned-on tasers while riding a unicycle surrounded by more tasers. Not sure what he'll have up his sleeve this time, but he's a middle-of-the-pack act that could move up into the top four.

Jimmy Rose: He's our sweet-voiced country singer who penned an emotional corporate anthem about coal keeping the lights on. His chances will rest solely on his song choice. 

Chloe Channell: She's our 11-year-old non-girly girl singer who talks as much about hunting as she does singing. She has a sweet voice and sounds much older than she is, but I think she'd need a lot of other acts to falter to move on.

Aerial Ice: We only got a brief bit of their act in the audition round, but it was enough for them to earn "one act to watch" status. They are extreme acrobatic ice skaters who use plastic ice to bring their act indoors. They took something there's already a market for and added an original twist that differentiates them from similar aerial acts, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with a full set.

If I had to pick four acts I have the highest expectations of, I'd go with Aerial Ice, Timber Brown, Cami Bradley and David Ferman. I also wouldn't be surprised if Taylor Williamson emerged, if he has a good set, and SensEtion improved greatly. We'll have to wait and see. Which acts do you expect to shine? 

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