America's Got Talent: David Hasslehoff, Jerry Springer, and Bobby Badfingers
America's Got Talent: David Hasslehoff, Jerry Springer, and Bobby Badfingers
We could all use a little more David Hasslehoff in our lives.  He brings joy and comfort to this crazy, hectic world we live in.  He is beloved the world over, was almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall, and has the most beautiful male singing voice the world has ever known.*  And, who do we have to thank for bringing Hoff back into our living rooms?  Simon Cowell. 

Cowell is the creator and executive producer (along with some other, less famous dudes) of America's Got Talent, the summer talent competition on NBC.  The show's second season premieres June 5th and will air throughout the summer.  For fans of the first season of America's Got Talent, there have been some personnel changes.

Regis Philbin, who hosted season 1, is out.  In his stead will be Jerry Springer.  Jerry is a good choice, because, as we know, he's used to hosting a show filled with crazy people doing bizarre things.  No offense to Regis, but this show is far better suited for a man of Springer's ilk. 

I'm just beside myself that America's Got Talent has put such a ridiculous group of hosts and judges together.  Who, in a million years, would believe that NBC would produce a show that features things like rappin' grannies, extreme pogo-sticking, and professional snapists, and have it judged by the Hasslehoffer and Sharon Osbourne, and hosted by Jerry Springer?  It's a dream team!

Sharon Osbourne replaces Brandy Norwood, who was pushed off the show because of her upcoming vehicular manslaughter trial.  Sharon Osbourne will probably be a nice little upgrade over Brandy, given that Sharon is relatively crazy.

Since it is Friday, and everyone deserves some fun, I've included a video of the greatest America's Got Talent contestant of last season.  His legend has been growing steadily since appearing on America's Got Talent, and if you haven't yet witnessed his genius, you're in for a treat.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, Bobby Badfingers:

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

*this is only a matter of opinion...the Berlin Wall part is blatantly false

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