Exclusive Interview with Ringmasters from 'America's Best Dance Crew'
Exclusive Interview with Ringmasters  from 'America's Best Dance Crew'
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with a couple members from Ringmasters from the MTV show America's Best Dance Crew. Ringmasters was the fourth crew to get eliminated from the show. In this exclusive interview, the members talked about how Flexing got started in their neighborhood. Also, they talked about the relationship between Lil Mama and the Ringmasters growing up in the same area and having the same dreams to do it big one day.  


Hi, this is Daniel from BuddyTV and I’m here with Nugget, Marty and Corey members from the Ringmasters from the hit show America’s Best Dance Crew. Hey guys how are you guys doing?

Nugget – Hey wassup man.

Marty – Wassup, we are chilling.

Corey – Wassup, we’re cool.

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you guys for making it this far on the show. I would have liked to see you guys stay a little longer but things didn’t work out that way.

How did you guys from your group?

Corey - Basically we came together dancing in our little community show in our neighborhood which was called Flex in Brooklyn. That’s how we came up with the name Flexing because we actually move our bodies in way that normal person can’t. It just came on to us dancing from the heart and being in the rough streets where we are from so you have to be able to dance with feeling, and aggression. You got to be able to be animated and change into the person you are trying to become. Whatever moves you’re trying to do at the time you have to be able to switch and change in to that. By us getting together and being in the same neighborhood we seen that all of us had different styles and together we can create one style which would be called Flexing. We started out as Main Event.

Marty - It was just being around each other in our whole community of Brooklyn. It just brought us together as a dancing crew for the TV show flexing and that’s we formed as a crew. Just being apart of the show we all decided to form as one crew instead of different crews because that’s what it featured different crews and different styles from Brooklyn and dances and different dance crews.

How did you guys feel after being eliminated from the show?

Nugget – We felt like it was a good feeling and a bad feeling at the same time. It was bad because we know that deep down inside our skill level, our thought process and our creativity is way beyond people can see in the bottom but when something new comes along more people likely don’t understand and people are afraid of things that don’t understand. As soon as people get the understanding I feel like people know what we are doing and I am just happy that we gave the world a chance to see the way we dance and the style. It’s not the end of us we all have other styles and other things to show the world.

How did you guys feel about your Whack Track challenge last night dancing to the Macarena?

Nugget – Honestly, it wasn’t difficult. Any challenge is fun times and to see how far our minds can go. So anything that is really challenging is more fun to the show that we can master that’s why we are the masters of the ring.

How did you guys feel when it was your first episode and when Lil Mama was doing her review about you guys and she actually cried?

Marty – We felt like we touched her heart. We can see genuinely that she was feeling how she wanted to be behind us and support us for everything that we are doing. We respect her for letting her emotions go on TV because she could have held back and be professional but we brought it out of her. So we felt really good about this being able to touch people the way we always touch people in a good way. They understand us and respect what we are doing in a good and positive way.

Corey –She couldn’t hold that back because she grew up in the same neighborhood as we did and she had the same dreams and know that she can do it. She accomplished her dreams and we know that we can do it and it took America’s Best Dance Crew for everybody to see in America that there is way more going on in our country right now. A lot of kids are less fortunate right now and has a lot of moves and a lot of stuff they want to show the world because there are a lot of talented people out there.

How did you guys feel after hearing that you guys were one of the bottom two crews again this week?

Corey – We actually felt surprised because everybody everywhere told us they loved it. All the crews that we were going up against told us we are no joke. That was the last thing in our mind that we coming in to be on the bottom and then they threw us the Macarena. So we felt like we couldn’t be in the bottom and throw us that. We thought we are good. We were confident in our performance because nobody even seen what we did on that stage that day and we brought creativity to the show.

What are you predictions, how is it going to play out and what crews do you like?

Nugget – Beat Freaks and Quest. Those are the two crews that we like. Similar to us where they kept the
creativity of what they master and things they endear from the heart. We just favor those crews more on a personal level.

Corey – We actually got to be cool with them and meet everybody on a one on one basis and their personalities. What they bring and what they deliver is like what we already see that they remind us of us in a different way. They have their own way of bringing their style out and everybody in those two crews that we just named Beat Freaks and Quest have individually different styles. They stand out in their own way and that’s like how our crew is. Together as one you make your crew. If you all have different things (elements) to bring to the table that’s what makes it work.

Marty – That’s how we feel about those crews. They all each have individual elements that make them a crew as a whole. We respect them and they respect us so it’s a mutual friendship with them.

Corey – Their personality is absolutely wonderful like the way we are. They have the best personality we met and they showed us a lot of love and they respected us a lot for our style. They told us we were one of the best they ever seen.

If you guys had to change or do anything different what would guys do?

Nugget – We won’t change anything. It happened that way because it was suppose to happen that way.

Corey – If we didn’t come up there and did what we did I don’t think we would be who we are right now. We won’t be the Ringmasters we won’t be Main Event doing what they expected us to do. This is what made the show different and this is what the people in the world.

What would you guys take away from the show?

Nugget – We learned how to incorporate our style with other types of styles out there. Become more open minded of seeing other things that we haven’t seen before such as Bboying, pop and locking from the other crews. We also learned how to do formations and transitions and things with chorographers from Travis, Napoleon and Rosario. Thanks to them we know how to incorporate transitions and formations in to our dancing styles and it gave us a bigger outlook in the things we do.

Marty – Now we have boarder aspect on what we can do with our potential so that’s what we really took away from the show. It showed us how to be more disciplined and take our craft more seriously and make it happen on a bigger scale on the moves that we are already doing. So that’s a good thing and we are happy with that.

Corey – Actually the show helped us with our ideas and our creativity more because they actually can bring things that you have in our minds alive. Usually, we do it on our own in the streets to make our own little tricks and little hats come together in our own minds. But when you on the show and you punch the idea to them they can actually bring it to life.

What are the next plans for Ringmasters, what do you guys plan to do?

Nugget – We are trying to go all over the world from Japan to London. We are trying to take over and spread like a virus. We want every children and every to download this style.

How did you guys get along with the other crews?

Nugget - We got along with all the crews G.O.P, Team Millennia (TM), Boxcutthuz.

Corey – That’s one thing about the crews over there in that they show you love and they make you think in a different way. For example, if you’re trying to think negative you can’t think negative with those people over there because they all show you love. It’s a competition on the cameras but behind the scene everyone is family. Everyone is helping each other, everyone is chilling with each other sharing their ideas and talking about their lives and the same dreams trying to come up in the world of being a dancer.

Great! I want to say thanks a lot. Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans out there?

Nugget – Don’t worry there is still more from the Ringmasters to come and that you see more of the jaw dropping, unorthodox, unexpected bone breaking style they always see.

Corey – We never left and we are going to keep bringing it to them. We love you guys for supporting us and love you guys for being there for us. Ringmasters are never going to get up. We are always going to be on top.

Marty – We want to let you know straight up from the bottom of my heart if it isn’t Flex it isn’t Shh….

I know that you guys are very busy and I just wanted to say thank you to you Nugget, Marty and Corey for taking the time out to talk to me today. All of us here at BuddyTV wish you guys the best of luck in everything you guys do.

-Daniel Ha, BuddyTV Contributing Writer

(Image Courtsey of MTV)