The Season 10 Wild Card Show: Not What You Might Think
The Season 10 Wild Card Show: Not What You Might Think
More rumors are cropping up about Season 10 and all its big changes, and this one concerns the judges' Wild Card picks (or not-picks). Sort-of SPOILER ALERT: Joe's Place Blog is reporting that the judges will not reveal "Wild Card picks" on Thursday night after the Top 10 are announced. Instead, all 14 contestants who America didn't choose, will sing AGAIN and the judges will announce their two Wild Cards to round out the Top 12.

There may or may not be an "America's Choice Wild Card," to make it the rumored Top 13. In any other season, I would be opposed to watching all of the eliminated contestants sing again. As Joe's Place put it, "we will have a 90 minute show with the contestants we didn't care about enough to vote through." And we don't even get to vote next week. BUT this season is bringing so much talent, it will be interesting to see the people who just narrowly missed a spot perform again, and people like Jordan Dorsey seek redemption.

So, all the singers who received "this isn't you" feedback will have a chance to show us who they REALLY are. What do you think about this change, though? Do we really need to see everyone twice, or is it just for the judges' benefit? Who does this scenario benefit the most?

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