The Sanjaya Conspiracy! American Idol Under Seige!
Sanjaya Malakar seems like a nice enough guy, but listening to him warble is pure torture.  He surely is not an American Idol.  Yet, week after week the waifish wannabee squeaks by.  They tell us that it is in the votes, but how could that be?  If the studio audience of American Idol is any indication, most of America was in shock after he cleared yet another hurdle last night to stay in the competition for another week.  With so much public opinion poised against him, what is keeping Sanjaya in the American Idol game?

The good news is, Sanjaya is always amongst the bottom of the votes.  This is a good sign, it means that those wacky politically incorrect theories about armies of Indian telemarketers are just as stupid as they sound.  There is little, if any, chance that he will win the contest based on having a billion strong hometown militia.  He may wind up being this year's Kevin Covais though, with much less personality.  Kevin impossibly beat the odds week after week, although I don’t recall any of his saves bringing boos from the audience.  When Sanjaya was called safe last night, you could hear the audience mic cut as the audience erupted in boos.  Even Sanjaya’s mom seemed to be in shock.

Could it be that a conspiracy is in play to keep Sanjaya in the game, for ratings reasons?  I mean, one of the growing points of interest for American Idol this year, aside from how ho-hum the talent is, is centered around whether Sanjaya will finally get voted off.  From a conspiracy theorist point of view it makes perfect sense.  The network sees that interest in the Sanjaya elimination-watch is going viral so they tweak the numbers to help egg it along.

Then of course there is DialIdol and votefortheworst.  Without knowing the exact margin keeping him in the game it is impossible to gauge these sites impact, but at one point VoteForTheWorst reported receiving four million hits in one week.  If a total of 28 million votes were cast for twelve contestants, and they obviously did not distribute evenly, even a tenth of those visitors would be enough to throw the contest in favor of Sanjaya.

Of course it didn’t help us that the other worst contestants started forgetting their lyrics.  That can bring the wrath of voters even if the performance was actually good otherwise, as we saw last night.  Brandon’s slip cost him his spot, pure and simple, because the man has pipes.

Conspiracies or not, we have to suffer through another week of Sanjaya’s imperfect pitch.  My god, what if it is country night?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Image courtesy FOX