The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Can You Get Eliminated For Singing Creed?
The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: Can You Get Eliminated For Singing Creed?
As expected, the girls did better than the guys on American Idol this week. But, in the words of Simon, it's just "by a smidge".

However, the trend goes along like this: this week's performances are better than last week's performances. So that settles the nerves, then.

Like yesterday with the guys, I'm having a hard time choosing one performance that really makes me go wow. Don't get me wrong: I have a couple of favorites. Crystal Bowersox's take on Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long As I Can See The Light" is amazing considering she was really sick the day before: a gutsy song choice and a gospel spin, when done properly, can do you no harm.

And Siobhan Magnus' take on Aretha Franklin's "Think" may not be perfect--it's a matter of picking a song that you can carry and will showcase you properly--but she did give it her all, and we got to see the big pipes she showed in Hollywood. (I must add, it's a pretty cunning idea, singing a song that's right down her alley on the second week: now she looks more versatile!)

But let's talk about one performance that probably got all of you going "what the heck?": Michelle Delamor's take on Creed's "With Arms Wide Open".

Yes, Creed.

You must've seen my reaction on our American Idol Twitter page, and it's the same reaction everybody had before Ryan threw to commercial. "Michelle Delamor singing Creed!" Yes, the band that formed the soundtrack to the early part of the last decade, with songs so cheesy it actually makes you feel young. First reactions aside, though, I thought it was a very gutsy song choice, especially for a contestant who cannot replicate Scott Stapp's deep growl. Heck, I can imagine Lee Dewyze trying to sing this. But a girl? A diva at that?

You must've seen my reaction after her performance finished: "it's listenable!" But others thought along the lines of "it sucks because it's a Creed song!" So why the honor roll spot?

Okay, so it wasn't perfect. Michelle still has to find her comfort zone: her performance last week was predictable but practical. But, in Kara's words, her number was believable, and perhaps it's the best way to making a song your own. Never mind the "make the song your own"/"don't change the song" critiques that's got us in a tizzy: I think the best way to put yourself in whatever you perform is to really, really feel it--and not in a "you shouldn't be smiling because I wrote than about a former boyfriend" way.

But what about the others? Crystal and Lilly Brown are known for giving different arrangements to everything, making the song their own--are they not believable? That totally depends. In this case, they're both playing up to their strengths, and it's totally sensible for them to take risks when it comes to how the song sounds. But for those who are on the Idol stage because of their good vocals, it's best they use that to churn out a good performance. That gets Michelle two thumbs up for me.

Fingers crossed, though, that a risky song choice won't get her eliminated. It's too early for that.

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