Shania Twain Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Shania Twain Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Many of you hit it right in the head: American Idol finally felt like American Idol this week. It might've helped that the bottom-tier singers are gone now: there aren't horrendously bad performances, and it seems a pretty close race between the Top 6. That makes picking this week's best and worst performances quite hard. There was no runaway winner. There was no bottom-level loser. Some people relaxed a bit, and some really kept it up. Sure, you'll think differently (I say "Siobhan stumbled" and you'll probably say "she should've gone!") but that what we're here for: to argue about it. Right? Anyway, the honor roll:

He does impress us much: Casey James' "Don't"

I was torn between Casey and Michael Lynche this week. Sure, I said I didn't feel any different about Casey after listening to his performance last night, but he did give his all to the song: the effort was there, something I missed from the last few weeks. Big Mike did well too, but it was still the same old, same old. Casey wins this one.

She don't impress us much: Siobhan Magnus' "Any Man of Mine"

The "worst" performances aren't really bad this week. With that in mind, I seriously considered putting Crystal Bowersox in this category this week, because she was underwhelming and forgettable. But her performance still holds up compared to Siobhan's: that may be energetic, but the implementation was shaky for most of the performance. And once again, I, the fan, am left wanting for more... because there wasn't much to begin with.

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