Sanjaya Goes on the Offense
Sanjaya isn't going to take insinuations that his continued presence on American Idol is a fluke, and he's sending his family out to prove his point!  For a while now, Sanjaya has been the whipping boy of the entertainment press.   There isn't even the slightest attempt, it would seem, to find good in his American Idol performances anymore.   And why should we?  With the strength of Howard Stern's humongous audience, and the unwaivering support of anti-idol phenomenon, nothing we can say out here in the press is going to slow this train down.  Despite the obvious impact of these campaigns to snipe the American Idol contest in favor of the waifish warbler, Sanjaya's family wants it known that their boy is winning this all on his own.

One member of Sanjaya's clan told the press that Sanjaya didn't need VoteForTheWorst's support anymore, he's winning this contest on sheer talent.   He said nothing about Howard Stern's campaign though, which just so happens to coincide with Sanjaya's first week out of the bottom three.  It is really no wonder that American Idol producers refuse a peek into the voting break-down every week.  Who would want to continue watching Idol if they knew if was gamed to the hilt?

Make no mistake about it, the Idol foilers are keeping Sanjaya in the competition, whether his family wants us to perceive it or not.  The real question is, as the eliminations continue will their margin hold its punch?  An advantage of a few hundred thousand votes may not necessarily make for a win if Sanjaya finds himself squaring off against some of the more talented contestants.

And speaking of foilers.  What about allegations that Chris Sligh wanted out of the competition?  He told Reality Tv World: "I kind of thought, 'You know, this isn't really the competition for me.'  Actually, I almost dropped out that week," said Sligh.  "I went to the guy from 19 [Entertainment] and was like, 'If I drop out when I make the Top 10, can I still be on tour?'  And they were like, 'No.  You have to get voted out.'  So I was like, 'Well, you know... we'll see what happens.'".

Maybe it's just my conspiratorial mind playing tricks on me, but Sligh's remarks sound a lot like contrition from a guy who would rather be seen as voted off, then kicked off.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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